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Fiber Optic Vibrations


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The first thing that jumps out at you about this vibe is the cute little bunch of fiber optic strands encased in clear plastic at the tip of the toy. Then the smooth and sparkly purple rest of the vibe. I couldn’t wait to get this out of the package. I opened the battery compartment on the end of the vibe and placed in the three AAA batteries. The notes on the package as to what size batteries was really small and I did not notice it at first, but the size of the battery slots were small so I grabbed my last three AAA’s. The two up, one down battery configuration is clearly marked on the inside of the battery compartment so there should be no issues there. Also, one feature I like is that the battery compartment twist is separate from the speed dial. It’s just a pain when you turn your toy off and the batteries fall out. I have to admit, as soon as the batteries were in I had to look at the light show; I didn’t even do my normal and wash it first. Which, by the way, the toy is NOT waterproof, so make sure to take care washing and make sure the toy is completely dry before using.

Before I even tested this, I could tell this was a powerhouse. I was having too much fun watching the lights to even want to use it on myself at first. I found out that the red fiber optic lights change with the speed of the vibrations. At low, the lights are dim and blink slowly; the higher you turn the speed dial, the brighter the lights get and the faster they blink. The interesting part was that the fiber optic strands barely move even when the toy is humming along, pretty impressive seeing that just holding the vibe I could tell this baby was right up my alley - powerful! As the fiber optics are at the tip, the vibrations are a bit stronger in the middle, but the tip can still be pretty stimulating.

During playtime, the first noticeable thing is the sound. This toy is not quiet! It had a decent hum at first, but then I believe the clear cap over the fiber optic strands came loose, so there was even more noise to contend with. Not having children or roommates to worry about, we kept on playing through the noise. The loudness does come from the extreme vibrations this gives off. On full speed, this baby will have you bucking in pleasure. This didn’t give me a BIG o, but a few small ones. I would recommend this vibe to a couple that wants a little flash under the sheets and doesn’t need to worry about the noise factor.

Get the party started!

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LOL Imagine taking THIS one in a club, with all of the light shows going on!!! How cool!

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I enjoyed this toy, when it first arrived, my husband and i spent like an hour playing with it in the bathroom watching the fiber optic light show, it was that amusing.

It was a bit big for my size and all, but the vibrations were very strong!!!

two thumbs up!

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Who doesn’t love technology? This fun vibrator includes a fiber optic light show at the tip. The red lights blink in response to the speed of the vibrator, so the more you dial it up, the faster and brighter it blinks!

If you love length, this vibe has it. The insertable length is a hefty 6.5” and the vibe is also 1.25” in diameter. It definitely gives you a full, satisfying feeling.

The vibrator is made of hard purple plastic with a clear plastic dome housing the light show. Use your favorite lube with this tower of passion.

Battery installation is very easy, you’ll need 3AAA batteries to get the show on the road, and the cap tightens firmly, but the unit is not waterproof, so be sure not to immerse it fully.

I gave my vibe a quick wipe with my Toy Wipes and waited for some ‘me time’ to start my testing.

This vibe goes from 0-10 with a great easy to control dial at the base. On the lowest settings it was a strong, and slightly noisy purr, and all the way at the highest setting it was definitely a noisy buzz. The motor delivers strong vibrations throughout most of the unit, but not particularly at the top, where the fiber optic head is located.

Personally, it just didn’t do the job for me. I’m not sure if the vibration was the right intensity or the feel of the hard plastic was distracting, but even after a few tries, I never actually achieved full satisfaction with this.

I would recommend this to someone looking for a fun vibrator, with the extra surprise of having a light show!

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