Music Or No Music During Sex?

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Love to have tunes during play time. The music needs to match the mood however: i.e. no AC/DC during slow, soft and sensual. My favorite of all time with music was in my early 20's, light buzz, low purple lighting, my partner and I were totally into each other, and we built up intensity during Led zeppelin's Cashmere. It was the perfect piece for the moment; the music builds in speed and intensity and so did we. We had simultaneous O's at the end of the song and agreed it was the perfect music. 20 years later when I here that song I'm instantly transplanted back to that magical moment and I have a smile on my face.

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On 12/13/2007 at 5:59 PM, Blush said:

I'm not a big fan of music during sex. It is rather distracting to me since I'm a huge music person but mostly, I want to hear everything that's going on with the two of us. All the sounds, the moans, the wet noises, dirty talk, etc etc etc.......

I 2nd that, I love hearing him moan and groan as I swallow his cock. I love it when I hear his balls slapping my ass as he is thrusting away. 

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