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Trojan-enz Lubricated Condoms


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It’s not news that condoms should be used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But seriously, I know three kinds of people - those who use condoms, those who don’t… then those who just don’t talk about sex. I am one of those that always use condoms. It doesn’t matter that I’m already on birth control or that I’ve been in a committed relationship for over six years, we still use condoms every time.

Why? Maybe it’s the added security of not starting a family as I am not ready, or just the fact that both my man and I are completely comfortable using one every time. Personally, I only use Trojan. It is the most reliable name in condoms, and has the largest variety. The Trojan-ENZ has got to be the classic lubricated condom that almost everyone has bought at one time or another, whether or not they were used.

So what makes these special? For me, it’s the Trojan emblem. I’m definitely not one to buy something for the name, but when it comes to protection, I need that safety guarantee. These classic no-frills condoms have a water soluble lubricant that is safe for sensitive skin and even toy use! These are a must have from the young lad with that glimmer in his eye to the couple who’s been together for years and still uses family planning techniques.

Play it safe!!!

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Question: what makes these any different from other Trojan lubricated condoms? What does the "enz" stand for?

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From what I can tell from the little amount of information available on the internet, I beleive that Trojan-ENZ are actually the standard version of Trjoan condoms. It appears from the varieties availble that Trojan-ENZ lubricated are the standard no-frills lubricated condoms for Trojan. Meaning that they are not ribbed, not magnum sized, not flavored, and non-spermicidal. Although there is a Spermicidal lubricated Trojan-ENZ version (personally my favorite - more birth control protection is ALWAYS a plus).

The Trojan-ENZ do not have Nonoxynol-9, which is a spermicide and can irritate persons with sensitive skin. The lubricant on these condoms is more like the medical grade lube found in products like K-Y.

Although you would expect a large array of information on the web about condoms, this is about all I could find. Trojan's website is not working right now (or my browser is not allowing it to come up), but if you'd like more information, you can try going to www.trojancondoms.com. If this website is available later I'll add more information.

Play Safe!

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