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How To Choose The Right Simulater

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First, welcome, glad you found this site!!

As to your question, many women prefer many different things, hence why there's such a variety in sex toys! However, 85% of women have to have clitoral stimulation to have their O. So, I would suggest something that does that. There are many reviews on the sex toys offered here, there's a tab at the top just for toy reviews. Just remember, there is a letter limit when we post on the site itself, with the item's product page, so there are usually more detailed reviews here in the forum as well. Many options for you to choose from!!

Personally, I have a couple of faves that help get me off. I love love love my Blue Swirl glass dildo, and also, my clit tickler that came with the Infinite Pleasures Kit. Sometimes I just love that FULL feeling the All Amercian Vibrating Dildo gives me. I usually use one of those dildos with the clit stimulator, and I'm off to O-O-O land!!

I also have a couple of different dual stimulators that do the trick too. But, again, each person likes different things. I hope this is helpful.

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Tyger is right on, everyone likes to use toys in different ways. Some like insertion AND clitoral stim, some like just clitoral stim, some want anal play and clitoral stim.....variety is the spice of a sex life!

I would suggest perusing the board and seeing what people say, read the educational articles on toys (I have written some on orgasms that may help you) and I would also just peruse the shopping section to see what seems interesting to you.

Good luck and remember HAVE FUN!

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