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Decandance Mini Ripple Vibe


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I was not overly impressed with this product. Like every product, it has it's ups and downs. It is a very small vibrator that is only about 4 inches long. It does come with a small carrying case that you can easily throw in your purse if your feeling a little frisky. I would personally not buy this product because it is extremely small and it doesn't have a strong vibration to it. However, the ripples in the vibrator might heighten your orgasm. This crafty little toy is waterproof so you can use it in the bath tub.

However, you can use this vibrator for anal play if you are into that. It is small enough that it won't hurt, and the small ridges on it will intensify the orgasm as you pull it out. Your man might also like this toy! (Of course if he is into this.)

Sometimes, you need something small to enlighten your mind.

Decandance Mini Ripple Vibe

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Would you say that the vibrations are very weak? Usually these small toys are great for clitoral play, but it seems as though this toy might not pack enough of a punch even for that.

Also, does the package recommend this toy for anal use? The reason I ask is that I would feel this was too small for that - and without a safety string or larger end, it may get lost up the anal canal!

Oh well....not a good choice for you, but perhaps for a beginner???

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