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Black Leather Blindfold


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Oh yeah baby....NOTHING beats a good, leather blindfold! I have said it a thousand times - so here is 1001 - if you want to spice things up in the bedroom - try a blindfold! Taking away your lover's sense of sight can be the best way to heat up the passion! If you have never tried it - I highly suggest you do!

This blindfold is EXCELLENT because it is soft, black and totally, 100% blinding - no see through here! It also looks so sexy on...much different than using a hankerchief or some other substitute fabric! This mask is so darkening that it could also easily be used as a sleep mask...for those of you who like that sort of thing!

My hubby was the winning recipient of this blindfold...he got all the pleasure of using it. Unlike other blindfolds that we have used, this one was 100% effective for blocking sight. He had NO idea what I was doing! He didn't see me go for the ice cubes, pick up the lube or the toy, or come in for the kiss! He only could FEEL me sucking on him, licking his penis...or lubing up my finger......

Needless to say this blindfold was a HUGE success for both of us! Not seeing is believing - and I think everyone needs to try this gem out!


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