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Ohhhhh poor Shyla.....she has been done WRONG! Dumped by one guy for another girl - in THE MIDDLE of a BLOWJOB - he doesn't even cum first??? She is left high and dry by others after they fuck her seven ways from Sunday......what can she do about it? KILL THEM ALL! Every woman wants - or perhaps daydreams about - killing an ex at one point or another, but does anyone REALLY do it? Will Shyla rise to the occassion? Watch and find out!

This DVD production by Jill Kelly Films (yes, Jill is following in Jenna's shadow) has a bit of a plot - and A LOT of SEX. The storyline is simple and easy to follow and actually makes sense in the movie. The sex is varied and HOT - guy /girl, anal. vaginal, oral, girl on girl - you name it! The girls are way hot - especially poor Shyla! What guy would dump this blonde bombhell for another? Willing to do anyone, anywhere - Shyla gives one great performance after another! Whether she is fucking the cab driver on the stairs or licking her girlfriends in a lesbo train - she is always givin 110%! The other girls are equally stunning - with big breasts and clean, shaven snatches! The guys are - well, typical porno guys - but not too hard to look at.

The 'violence' in this film is in context and not over the top gross or disgusting. Speaking as a woman who doesn't like her horror flick mixed with her fuck fest, I can say that this film has the right mixture of suspense (yes, I said it) and good ole' adult fun! Find out what Shyla is really capable of and watch KILLER SEX! The Sex is KILLER, but who IS the KILLER behind it all?


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