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Petite, pretty purple, plastic , precise and PLEASURABLE!! Petite: this ergonomic clitoral stimulator is about 6 inches long and very small width-wise. Pretty Purple: yes, I must confess, it is a very pretty purple color - very feminine indeed. Plastic: this item is WATERPROOF and made of a hard plastic. This makes cleaning a breeze and water play an option. Precise: while this item looks odd, the little 'loop' clitoral encaser really does hug your clitoris and gives precise pleasure. Pleasurable: this item works INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY and provides wonderful sensations and decent vibrations - delivering pleasure inside and out.

I must confess, I was a bit skeptical that this item would do anything more than irritate me. I am once again surprised by the power of plastic (and I am not talking about my credit cards!) This clitoral encaser works in a very unique way. When I played with this toy I tried to put the end directly on my clit - and it does work wonderfully this way - but then I placed it as it is suggested - with the loop encasing my clit. This way the vibrations were not directly on my clitoris but still vibrated around it. It was a very unique and subtle feeling! I must say, the build up was slightly slower than with direct stimulation, but it was a very powerful ORGASM!

I can definitely see this item being perfect for those gals who want less intense vibrations. The manner in which it works packs a punch, but doesn't over stimulate. If you are like me and DO like direct stim, you can still place the end of the item on your clit directly - it works both ways. The vibration level doesn't vary that much - from light to moderate and the noise level is not bad at all.

As far as internal use, I was once again surprised how effective hard plastic toys can be for G-Spot stimulation. The box suggests this as a possible use - it even tells you where to find your G-spot (approximately). So I lubed up and decided to try. I will say that for solo use, it is not as easy to stimulate but with a partner - much better. I called my hubby in to help - and he ran to the challenge. After he experimented a bit on my clitoris, we went for the G-Spot and honestly after having orgasmed a few times, it was easy to find my spot. This toy is hard plastic and has a unique nub on the top. My hubby used that nub to rub hard against my spot and soon I was squirting all over our bed!

All in all I was very surprised and pleased with this toy! It would be ideal for the newbie or the advanced player. The unique design works wonderfully in more ways than one and the vibrations are gentle enough for even the most timid user. Truly immaginative and genius design - the clitoral encaser will thrill you more ways than I can say!

CLitoral Encaser

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It almost looks like a kitchen utensil, like an odd whisk! LOL

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