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Hi! Wasn't sure where to put this, but here goes.

Lately, Ive been thinking about getting a piercing. My bf really wants me to get my navel pierced to have something to 'play' with lol, and I'll admit, ive wanted to do it for quite some time, but I have a bit of a pudgy belly haha, and in all reality it wouldn't look flattering on me at all. So i'm really not sure about it? I know that is kind of vain of me, but what do you think?

Also, ive been researching clit hood piercings, and i'm considering it! Its hard for me to orgasm, so maybe it would help? I don't think that is my bf's cup of tea though...

Comments, tips or help on either of these piercing ideas?!?! Thanks so much!!!

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First, whether you get a piercing or not is YOUR decision - do NOT do it for anyone but you! Second, a pudgy belly does not mean you can not get a naval piercing - an overly pudgy belly might. You have to go to a piercer (reputable, sterile, licensed) and ask. He or she will be able to tell you if it is dangerous for you to get a piercing with your extra tummy. Second, clitoral hood piercings are great. I personally LOVED my piercing and it helped to keep me aroused. I would not get this piercing without talking to a piercer and thinking long and hard about it. Clitoral hood piercings are relatively safe, but I would not do the clitoral piercing!

If you want to get your body pierced - then go for it. Just make sure you ask a piercer at a reputable studio and he or she will give you the best advice on the matter.

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I will second the fact that a piercing should be done for YOU, and only YOU. It's nice that your BF wants you to get it done, and would be supportive, but, those kinds of things are personal, and should be done because YOU want them to be. Just because HE wants you to get one, and you're not sure doesn't mean you should. It's an intense experience, not to mention a slight on the OWIE side, so, if he wants one so bad, and you're unsure, let HIM get one. LOL

It's also like tattoos. I have both piercings & tattoos. They are personal, and an experience you should be 110% SURE of. Tattoos are permantent, where piercings aren't. Although, I would say that piercings require a bit more after-care than tattoos do. If you have a bit of a "pooch" of a belly, ask a reputable piercer if that would be safe to do. Pants, jeans, and even skirt hems can rub that area, and if it's rubbing too much, it can cause infections and irritations, and even scarring if you take out the piercing and it's infected.

I had a tongue & navel piercing. I took out the tongue one years ago, though now I wish I hadn't. I still have my navel one, even with my baby pooch belly, and I LOVE it still, even though my hubby doesn't really care one way or the other. LOL

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With what Mikayla and Tygur said, get a piercing only for YOU. It wont feel as specal if you just get it for someone else.

I would NOT recommend the clit piercing. I heard its really painful, and there is a possiblity that you can loose your sensitivity/feeling. I have a navel piercing, and i love it. Although Iam thin, the lady that did mine was heavy set and her navel ring looked GREAT on her! :)

Also, dont just go with any random piercing place you happen to find in a book. Research the places, (yahoo local has reviews) and call them up and talk to someone. Professional is KEY! I called up this one plae to ask how much nose piercings are. Who ever the heck answered was awful!!

ME: "Hi, I was just wondering how much your nose piercings cost?"

her: "Huh?"

Me; "(repeat my question)"

her: "hold on"

me: (waits 3 min)

her: "50"


Hope this helps!

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