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Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion


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Pulling out this slightly femininely shaped torso plastic lotion bottle, I was slightly amused and curious to see how well this product worked, with such an interestingly marketed lotion!

I got cherry flavor, which happens to be one of my favorite flavors in lotions such as these, since it’s so sweet. My preference has also made me fairly picky when it comes to these, since some cherry flavored lotions can taste almost like cough medicine. This is a lotion, not a lube, so please don’t think of it or use it as such. The first ingredient is Glycerin and there’s is also sodium saccharin in it.

The other night, I blindfolded the hubby, and decided to have some fun. I unscrewed the cap, poked a hole in the safety sealant at the top, and dabbed some of this fairly runny lotion on my fingers, then on his nipples, cock, and testicles. I felt it warm up on my fingers almost immediately, and he felt it warm up on him too. Great! I gently blow on where I had applied the lotion, and he was definitely noticing something going on! ;P So, here comes the taste test…..YUM!!! This stuff tastes great (and less filling), warms up the way it says it will, and is very slick. So rubbing it all over would definitely be easy to do.

If you’re in the market for a fun lube that does what it boasts, then Body Heat will definitely turn up the heat in your bedroom!

Wanna Feel The Heat?

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