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Soft Teaze Vibrating Dong


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This item truly surprised me. When I took it out of the package I noticed how soft and supple it is. It feels jelly-like, but it not sticky; it feels soft yet not like cyberskin. The material is called 'Fantaflesh' and I must say, I like it! This dong is a very nice color of blue (it IS a BOY after all) and it has realistic features like a defined head and textured shaft. The vibrator runs right through the center - making it rigid and erect (every girls' dream dick). With all these great qualities, I still doubted that this would be powerful enough to do anything for me.

I washed the toy up thoroughly - as it is waterproof, cleaning was extremely easy. I placed the 2 AA batteries in and turned it on. It was relatively quiet and in my hand, felt like there was not enough power to please. I got out some water-based lube (as I am not super familiar with fanta-flesh I didn't want to erode it) and applied it liberally to the toy. This material is not sticky - but a good lubing is necessary for insertion.

I started to use this toy on my clit, and honestly it wasn't doing the job well. The bullet vibrator stops a bit short of the tip so using it on my clit didn't really work. I tried rubbing it around my labia and UP to my clit, that worked better, but was still not great. I was going to give up and rule this toy a dud when I decided 'what the hell' I'll insert it and see what happens.

I turned up the vibrations to high again and started to insert. When I got this 7 " and 1.50" wide dong inside me my opinion quickly changed. While the vibrations externally were not strong enough, INTERNALLY they were fantastic! This toy really has a realistic quality when using it internally - and the vibrations were greatly amplified. I pushed this toy far into me, used my finger for clitoral stim and soon had a very, very nice orgasm!

This toy would be great for anyone interested in being full and using it as a 'stand in' for a man. It might not do much for you clitorally, but inserted feels divine! I would suggest this for all levels of play, and say to all, always try your new toys in many different ways - if I had not inserted this toy, I may not have found out how great it really is!

Be Surprised...

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