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My BF has a very, very big belly and he's also much taller than me. We have always only had sex with me on top. We tried doggy style but his being so tall caused problems too. He doesn't seem to care about trying other ways but I do. I also have a much higher sex drive so that could be why its more important to me. We tried anal sex but the only way that worked was me on top too. I get tired of always being on top but don't want to hurt his feelings if that really is the only way possible. He pleasures me in other ways more than any other man in my past so I wonder if I am being too picky. Can anyone please give me advice about how to approach the subject and what positions are possible if any? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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As far as broaching the subject with him, why not just come out and say it? "I want to learn other positions that are more comfortable for both of us, not just with me on top." That says nothing about his tummy or his willingness to please you. Bring that up, tell him that, although you appreciate his efforts, you'd like to switch it up a bit more, adding even MORE pleasure to the bedroom!

Is he overly sensitive about his weight? Is his tummy due to a medical condition that he can't help, or is it because he's unhealthy? If it's because he doesn't watch what he eats, drinks a lot of beer, or doesn't exercise, there are ways to let him know that you're worried about his health, and want him around for a long, long time, and so, loosing the weight would be benificial. Either with exercise, diet, and if it's an extreme case, weight loss surgery (which is very hard to maintain, and is no "quick fix", but something to be embarked on after long consideration).

Best wishes!

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My hubby is kinda tall and umm...robust. He isn't fat exactly, but he has a big gut. One position we both find extremely satisfying is where I lay on my side with on leg between his. He is kneeling, and he either holds my top leg up or I wrap it around him. It seems like he always hits the sweet spot right away. Also, if I bring my legs together more, he can withdraw completely from my pussy, but he feels like he's still in because of the pressure from my thighs. I think this would have to be, if not the favorite, definitely top 3.

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