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Lover's Sundae Flavored Body Topping-caramel Tart


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Lover's Sundae Flavored Body Topping


When our review package arrived I was pleased to find inside a body topping in my favorite flavor- caramel. Mr. SP and I set the stage for an evening of sensory explosion. I set up a blind taste test. One nipple had a store brand caramel sundae topping and the other nipple had Lover’s Sundae caramel tart body topping.

The body topping was very easy to squeeze out of the tube but was much thicker and darker than the real caramel. It has a nice caramel smell to it, and was not any stickier on my body than the real caramel was. However, because of its thickness, I had to spread it onto my nipple, but once there it did not ooze off the nipple and down the breast. This significantly decreased the risk of a mess from topping going where we didn’t want it, namely the couch cushions. Although it had to be spread on, it licked off very easily!

Mr. SP felt that this product was a little too tart compared to regular caramel, but once we added whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles to my nipple it was much sweeter, and he enjoyed it much more. I liked the flavor, but it did have a bit of a bite to it, hence the name caramel Tart I imagine! It added a nice pleasurable addition to a blow job and was a very easy clean up. Overall I found it a palatable addition to an evening of fun “9 1/2 weeks” type sex play. Best of all, it does not need to be refrigerated after opening, so no need to worry about storage between uses.

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