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Powerful Sparkling Vibrating Egg (the Best)


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Powerful Sparkling Vibrating Egg

I was thrilled to get this bullet as my last one died on me, and I was looking for one that had two batteries. More power!

We were having some great sex the other day, and hubby came pretty hard since it was a couple days since we had sex, but I didn't.

So I reached over, pulled out the bullet while he was still in me and applied it to my clit. A huge grin came over his face and I turned this baby up to high. He immediately started moving in me again and it felt so great.

My orgasm was building and he was enjoying the bullet on his shaft and balls and I reached down and placed it so we both could feel it. I came really hard and he did too. I left it on and came again while he was coming down from his orgasm.

I had three orgasms from this in about 5 minutes and he was enjoying the vibrations all up and down his cock.

It was fantastic!

This bullet is our favorite toy! Thanks Tootimid!


Again we love this toy!

Last night we decided to have some play time and purchased a new brick of batteries.

After a great bj (if I must say so myself) :D I said "My turn" and inserted fresh batteries.

After relaxing in bed for awhile I took out the "sparkly" as I call it, ( it really is a pretty toy)

Turned it on and just played with it for a while. Hubby was watching with an avid look and we were off!

I then took out the vibro dolphin and handed it to him to see if he wanted to play with it on himself.

He turned it on and started teasing my nipples with the dolphin and then moved down to my pussy, playing there while I had the sparkly egg on my clit.

He inserted the dolphin vibe in me and slowly began to move it in. that sent me over the edge.

I love the sparkly bullet all on it's own but when combined with a vaginal toy was unbelievable for me.

He had three orgasms and a few smaller ones from the earlier BJ session, and I had two from the sparkly egg and the dolphin vibe combined. Tootimid once again gave us a night of loving and closeness. :)

I can't say enough about the sparkly egg, it's unbelievable!

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This was the first toy we ever bought here (what seems like forever ago, hehe) and it's stayed in the top favorites of our bullets/eggs. Glad it's worked so well for you continuously!! :) :) :)

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