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Double Silver Bullets


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My new Favorite!

Ladies, what’s better than a bullet? Well two of course! This simple double bullet set just goes to show how versatile bullets can be. With two different sized, plug in bullets, you can both have one to please your partner! Or take both for yourself if you’re being selfish, or both to them if you’re feeling giving!

These silver bullets are made of hard smooth plastic and neither the bullets or controller claim to be waterproof, so be careful washing and put the three AA batteries in once fully dry. The battery compartment clearly marks which way the batteries go in so setup is a breeze. Wash, insert batteries, plug in bullets to the controller then GO! The controller is a three speed slide switch, with a light to show when the controller is on. Now this doesn’t have those fancy pulse or star stepper settings, but the slide switch is easy enough to do this yourself… which my man had a fun time with teasing me.

Now the bullets are two different sizes - one is about a half inch wide, the other an inch. So both are pretty versatile. One can go in her while the other plays with his boys. Or the larger one can be vaginally inserted while the smaller is used on the clit. Or, one can be placed in the anus. Yes I said it. While I have never been one to be interested in anal play, the small bullet was small enough for me to allow my first real anal experience. And ladies, I have to tell you - you NEED to try it! The small bullet inserted anally, the larger used as a clit stimulator while riding your man is absolutely DIVINE for both! I recommend everyone has a set of double bullets. Straight, gay, lesbian, single, new to toys or experienced, this is definitely one toy that can please both partners and lets you experiment with your imagination.

More than double the pleasure...

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