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First off, I am biased as this only comes in my favorite color - purple! This mini G Spot vibe is made of smooth hard plastic and comes in a great grape purple. Another one of my favorite features is that it’s waterproof… gotta love toys that do just as well in the water. The three inch shorty has a bent tip for G spot stimulation and three protruding ribs for labia or clitoral stimulation. It really all depends on where your G spot is and how you get off. The battery compartment screws off, it actually takes a lot of turns to get it completely off, part of the waterproof design. The two AAA batteries go into the shaft and the terminals are marked so there is no confusion. When you screw back on the battery compartment, you will notice two little arrows that will line up when the cap is completely closed and safe for water use. And last but not least, the very bottom of the toy sports a push button control to turn the vibe on, rotate through the 7 settings, and turn it off.

I found out quickly that my man is not a fan of the small vibes. He played with it a few minutes then noted he thought he might lose it as it does not have much to hold onto. For me, I noticed that I had control, but once covered with lube I found it did slip out of my fingers every now and then. But I can deal with that.

So for the stimulation… this little purple pleaser did quite the job in the clitoral stimulation department, although that was not it’s intended use. The G spot tip was great for tickling around my sweet spot. It did arouse my G spot, but did not bring a great G Spot orgasm. The seven settings were pretty strong, and I love my strong vibrations, but only the first was a constant hum; the other six are pulse variations and escalating almost random patterns. This is not the quietest toy, but can be quieted when used under the blankets. For clit play, this is great, but I need constant vibrations for my G. for the price, this is a great toy for someone who is exploring her G spot, or a lady who prefers small toys.

Will the Mini G Please you?

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