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This is one of the coolest little vibes I have seen in a while! It is a triple action (Clitoral stimulation, insertion and G-Spot) and it definitely delivered 2 of the 3 for me! This 5" long, 1.25" wide soft vibe is a textural dream! It has ridges up and down the shaft, the shaft itself is comprised of 2 'egg shaped' balls, the clitoral stimulator is firm, yet bendable and has not only a teeny 'penis head' looking tip, but is also topped with pleasure nubs. There is also a loose appendage that is designed to tease your backend. It doesn't insert, it just 'wiggles.'

This little gem has 7 (yes, 7) vibrations styles that range from slow and steady, to fast and furious, to intermittent and powerful. The two heads rotate in various ways in correspondence to the vibration choice AND the clitoral stimulator can be turned ON or OFF. There is a lot going on with this item, and it all runs on 4AAA batteries!

I used this toy a few nights ago when I needed a good, hearty orgasm. I had already batteried this baby up and washed it so I was ready to play. I am not 100% sure what material this is made of - but based on the fact that it was not at all sticky or smelly, and was soft and supple, I was guessing silicone. Therefore, I used water based lube -my TooTimid personal lube to be specific - and began playing.

I turned on the toy and noticed that it is a bit on the loud side. Not TOO loud, but not discreet if you have roomies. The toy sprung to life and I tried to insert. It is tricky guys, you need LOTS of lube, patie nce and NO Vibes! Turn off the vibes to get things going. I used the ridges to get myself hot by just running them up and down my vaginal lips - then I started to slowly insert. Once in, I turned on the vibe. WHOA MOMMA - it is a very, very interesting sensation! The two heads sort of 'compete' inside you - so you get lots of stimulation. Then the ridges add a little bit of fun sensation. The clitoral stimulator was nice, but not as powerful as I thought it would be. The pleasure nubs bring something to the party - but just the size of it was what did it for me.

It didn't take long at all until I felt my orgasm building. I noticed that this toy did not even come close to hitting my G-Spot - I think it is too long if you are going for the clitoral stim! No matter, the clitoral orgasm I had was fast and furious - just what I needed! I noticed that I really didn't feel anything coming from the loose anal appendage thing - but I didn't need it!

I would say this toy is a great choice for those adventurous girls who like to experiment with sensation play! The toy has a lot to offer - but in my opinion, g-spot stim is not going to be one. I would welcome other experiences where G-spot stim was the main objective! This would not be the best choice for beginners - too much to contend with - and it is a bit overstimulating for newbies. Otherwise, this triple threat is a wonderful choice for those women who just want to try something different.

Cleaning note: Make sure when you clean this item after use that you pay particular attention to all the ridges. Your 'juices' get into those folds, and to make it sterilized, make sure you pay attention to those folds!

Get Pinky

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Guest lioness

This toy was my perfect introduction to dual action g-spot vibrators. Its approximately four penetrable inches. The shaft has modest girth about 1.25 inches making entry easy and a textured design that helps to stimulate the vaginal walls. The clitoral stimulator houses a powerful bullet vibrator delivering 7 precise pleasure pulses. (especially level 5 and 6 will bring multiple peaks pleasure). The power pack can be a little tricky , however, the top two controls are designated for leveling the intensity of vibration (clitoral stimulator only) and the bottom two controls are responsible for the 8 rotation of the shaft ( the reverse action is off the hook). The vibration and rotation functions are a little noisy at their highest setting. Therefore, if you need to be discreet, consider your options. There is also an immediate on/off switch, just in case you need it!

All in all this is a highly effective product within 5 minutes I began to climb Mount O and could not get enough. Cons: I found were that due to all the grooves this toy will be a pain to clean and , although once its clean get ready for a great ride. I guess It depends on you body I had no problem with it reaching my g-spot .

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