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Sexy Night Ideas?


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Hi, sorry if im posting in the wrong section but heres my situation...my husband is coming home from iraq for r&r and i want to have a special night just for him...I need ideas for romatic sexy things i can do for him....some ideas i have are a striptease (which i'm really nervous about lol) and getting some fruits and melted chocolate, but other than that im kinda stumped...Thanks!

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If it were me, I'd pick him up in a sexy outfit, let him rest or talk on the way home, allowing him to get comfortable & a bit more relaxed, have his favorite supper waiting for him, with dessert, candlit dinner, with casual talk (no talking about bills, stresses or anything else). Then seduce him after dessert slowly by starting with a nice massage, then other things, and maybe work your way into the bedroom (or not LOL). Let him sleep afterwards. He'll need some rest after the long trip, and all of that.

If he just wants to sleep the first night, please don't get discouraged, and plan all of that the next night. I'm sure he's very, very tired. Don't take it personally, and just plan on doing it the following night.

Have fun!

With much respect for you and your hubby's sacrificing!

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