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Lol... Thats awesome, I got mine in the mail today to and its purple!! This will be my first time using a vibrator or for any toy actually. I will definitely be trying mine out tonight! I cant wait. Well thanks for the input, and I hope you have fun with your bunny, as I'm sure I will with mine!


Wow, how cool is this, I just got my 1st one of in the mail today... Mine's purple lol!

That's a really good question and I don't know the answer. I'm sure someone does, probably any lubricant that you like and works for you will be fine. It's good that you'll be getting in the tub and learning how to use it. Get yourself going don't go right for the bunny. Have you read Mikayla's awesome information on Female Masterbation in the Sex Ed section? Learn how to do you; and then you can teach your guy.

Yes, any unselfish, nice guy that treats you with respect can learn to pleasure you beyond your wildest expectations. And he only has to be cute to you. Wanta know the ingredients to that kinda action? You learn to do you, good communication with the guy to teach him, time, patience, asking good questions, bring your toys and don't be afraid to use them, talk during sex..I mean fun stuff.... fun instructions. Sprinkle in a some fantasy and in time that guy can rock your world!!!

Yes, 3 exclamations. I just had a 3 hour session with Thor omg "we don't need to touch, just breathe" ,,,by the end of that one. Nice fantasy too.

I'll tell ya about it when your 21 haha. W/B and let us know how it's going. Happy to help.

Gotta go try out the bunny, I wore the poor guy out.


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