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The Golden Toy...nea By Lelo


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All I have to say is wow on this toy. There comes a time in every girl’s life when she needs to spring for the golden treasure in her toy box and there is nothing better then the Nea by LELO. I know the first thing you are going to think about it price, but read on before that sways you. First I was just amazed how stylish it looked, the sleek black casement with cheery blossom looking flowers in pink on it for one and then how it is curved just right to fit in anyone’s hand. You can tell right off that this is not just a normal vibrator, but was designed by a true designer. It is so non sex toy looking that you don't have to be embarrassed if it’s sitting out when a guest shows up, they will just think it’s an art piece or a fancy mouse. Now down to the true needs, the little puppy packs a heck of a punch when it comes to vibrations. It has many levels and gradually increases as you hold down the sleek buttons, but what makes it incredible is that it lets you truly build up instead of a jolt of power like many other products. Another thing I was truly amazed by is how quite it was; you can barely hear it when it’s on full blast; so no more worrying about waking anyone if that’s a problem for you. Like I said the Nea would be your true golden treasure out of your toy box and every woman show have one. So if you did not get what you truly wanted this holiday season I highly recommend throw away your batteries and grab this rechargeable vibrator. ;-)

I just posted this review and felt like sharing also with the forum...I was truly amazed by this product and for once have something that does not sound like I am getting ready to take of on a jet.


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I have a Lelo product, and I simply LOVE it!! They are great quality products, sleek, sexy, and they WORK!! Most definitely worth the $$$!!



This is the one I have, and have done a review on:



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