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I Need Help With Computer And Webcam Sex?!?!

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I have been seperated from my fiance for more than a year which was when we last had sex which was when i first became a nonvirgin. He's had tons of experience and knows what he is doing when it comes to any form of sex. On the other hand i dont...i still feel very new to it. But the thing is we both have computers and webcams and we intstant message each other alot andrecently i could tell he wants me to have computer sex...u know instead of phone sex so i am new to this and not sure about myself. Cause i know he wants to see it and here it from me but i dont know how to act "naughty" and this is too new for me and i feel embarrassed because he's experienced and i am not so can someone help me out please?

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One of the easiest ways for you to make this work, I think, is to have him direct you. Ask him what he wants to see you do, and then follow through. You may feel a little self conscious at first, but I think that as you're able to watch his face through the cam and see the reactions he gives you from your actions that you will fall more and more comfortably into your role. As you become more comfortable and start to see what works for him, then you can start taking charge to mix it up a little bit and keep it interesting.


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