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Ever have to go thru your toy box/drawer to find the toy that is your personal favorite? Do you hate having to guess or fumble around looking for the controller switch(es) to your toys? Well, look & fumble no more, because California Exotics has made the search so much easier with this new Instant Activation Vibe. This toy is not for those that have inquisitive children or roommates that have easy access to your space, because this vibe can attach to a nightstand, wall, bed frame, or any other private area easily with either double-sided tape that’s already on the bracket, or small mounting screws (not incl). Although it would make a pretty cool pretend magic wand…..but I digress.

Easy to get going, all you do is unscrew the base of the vibe, and slide out the battery insert, put in your 2 AA batteries in the plastic insert, put that back in, turn the dial, and turn it on!

Why do they call it “Instant Activation”? Well, that’s because when you remove the vibe from the bracket, it automatically goes ON. It shuts off automatically when placed back in the bracket too. It also can be turned on & off with the dial switch on the bottom. The sleek simple design of this shiny white vibe is great for new-to-toy users and to experienced toy users alike! The vibe needs to be ON for the pressure button at the very bottom of the cap for the vibe to automatically go ON and shut off in the bracket. No more fumbling for the ON switch when desperately seeking Orgasm!

When this toy is on, it’s fairly loud, and very strong. With its 6” insertable length, this smooth plastic vibe is so easy to play with, slide all over my body, and insertion, well, very slick! Nowhere on the box does this toy say that it’s waterproof, so to be safe, no water playing with this vibe. I didn’t get that highly desired “full” feeling I love so much, since this is a bit too narrow for my usual tastes, however, the vibes were wonderful, and it was big enough to feel it, and with a little added clit stimulation, I was off in Instant O Land! I was pleasantly shocked and rewarded for my trial run though, so, I am happy to say that this toy really works.

Ready, Set, Go Instantly

January 2008 Freebie

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I just saw that they added this as the Freebie for the end of January, so I thought I'd bump this up.

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