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Here comes another waterproof clit sucker and stimulator, in a fashionable purple color from Playgirl. When I took it out of the box, it was also sealed in a plastic bag, AND includes the 4 LR44 batteries that this item needs. We always love it when the batteries are included, don’t we?

Taking this toy out, I noticed that it’s light. The suction part of it has little flowers on it too. Ah, the power of the flower. The bulb-pump is attached with the air tube, and has a heart-shaped pressure release at its base. No extra wires to get entangled everywhere. The batteries go at the end of the small bullet that is on the inside of the sucker, but the controller is on the outside. The cap/controller screws on & off, and the controller is a dial type. Inside, it has a plastic sleeve that you keep in there, and it tells you which direction the batteries go in. Put those in, screw on the cap, and turn it on. OK, after I did all this, I noticed right off that if I take my fingers off the cap/controller, it rattles quite a bit. But it DOES have a large range of power, and on the highest setting is rather strong. We like the strong vibes!

Getting down to business, I lube up the bullet, and the edges of the sucker, to create a great seal. I discover that if the bullet is ON my clit, and I apply the suction, the bullet’s too long, and it hurts. So, if I put the bullet inside me (which barely goes inside me), the suction is a lot better, in fact can be too intense if you pump the bulb too much. Luckily, the heart-shaped release button works really well.

The suction did make my clit engorge with blood, and the vibes felt nice, but, until I took this item off, and used another toy on myself to get off, it really didn’t do anything to get me off. A great tool to help create sensitivity, but, for me, this item missed the “Pleasing” part of its name.

2 Pump or not 2 Pump, you decide

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