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Most young men don't find sex "boring" LOL.

Just remember to have fun, relax, let him know what he's doing that you like, and don't like, and, above all ALWAYS USE PROTECTION (CONDOMS). Condoms have gotten a "bad wrap" (couldn't resist that) as being a "mood killer", but hon, if there's no glove, there's no love!

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Get it into your head that telling him what makes you feel good and what isn't working for you is 100% okay. Obviously do it nicely and also make sure he's being attentive to you. Remember that road goes both ways, do that and he'll have a great time as well. The last thing I'll say is arm yourself with knowledge. Read the forums, read the sex education tab, and try to get to know your body thoroughly because the more you know about sex and the more you know about yourself the better it will be.


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