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Pappy, WADR, I don't find some of these pics appropriate for this forum, joke or not. I don't find dead, mutilated animals funny. Some of the bear ones are cute, but, for me (who's REALLY HARD to offend), I find some of these downright cruel and disgusting. If you find something funny, and aim it towards ONE person in particular, then please PM them to the person you wish to see them.

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Tyger, these ARE NOT meant to offend anyone. Only sharing some photos of REAL LIFE. I apologize for the worst of these but please believe they weren't meant to offend you. I know you are big on your belief there and that is great. These are all pix from fellow roughnecks of wildlife encounters that they have seen. Not my own personal. Sorry I did not post a warning but will correct it!!

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Thank you for the removal of the pix. I do appreciate it.

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The dog and the boy is cute!! And, if I were on that rig seeing 3 tornados, I think I'd be getting on several life jackets, and cowering in the corner!! LOL

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