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Okay...so my husband is gone on deployment, my best friend came over and we got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too drunk. She had never kissed anyone before, so I offered to teach her how to kiss. One stupid drunken thing led to another and we were soon 69ing it...A Fantasy of mine that I NEVER thought would happen! Do I tell him? I NEVER intended any of this to happen. I just wanted to help her be comfortable....what do I do???? HELP!

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You have a really tough choice here and really, only you have the power to make it.

On one hand you know you should be honest in your relationship and you want to tell him. Of course this puts his mind elsewhere while on deployment which can really put him in danger depending upon where he's deployed. Of course, he could be the type of man to get turned on by this sort of thing and you may be giving him something to fantasize about...only you know what sort of man your husband is.

On the other hand, not telling him will leave his mind at peace because ignorance can be bliss but you have to wonder how this is going to eat at you and you also have to wonder who else might inform him as it is always better to hear it from the source than from a third party. The choice is yours because only you know your husband and how he'll react.


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I would definitely tell him, but I agree with Howard, wait until he's home to do it, so he can concentrate on his job wherever he is.

Only you know your husband's views on this sort of thing. Some men don't think that a woman with a woman constitutes cheating. Others DO think of it as cheating. I guess whichever mindset he is, will determine how to tell him. If it's a one time thing, that shows that you did an oopie, those things happen, and it hasn't since. But, if it continues, then he will either feel betrayed or turned on. Maybe both.

I also agree with iha. If you're able to remember all that other stuff, and were able to manage a 69 position, then you weren't completely out of control, but your inhibitions were knocked down to nothing. I would suggest that you not drink to that excess, since you shocked yourself this way, the next time may be flat out, no holds barred adultry with another man. Just be careful.

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