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Bride To Be Needs Advice Please!


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Hello everyone!

My name is Joannah and I am bride to be, in less than two days away.

Okay, I know the wedding night is the night for the new wife and husband to become one

and have make passionate love, and I'm all for it but the only problem I face is... I am still

one my menstrating cycle :( And I won't be done for another three more days. I am so

devastaed because I always imagined my first time to be on my ACTUAL wedding night but it looks

like it will have to wait, for at least a day or soon after my wedding night. GRR!!!

Well, in the meanwhile, I have some Q's:

:P For my first time, I would like to have my husband to let go of his sperm inside me, but since I will be

done w/my cycle would it be okay to wait until the second day I'm done w/my cycle or when might it be safe.

:P Any advice on going down onto my husband (okay his name is Benjamin [ben])

:P Do mean like woman to moan or what turns guys on?

Um, that's all I have to ask for now. Anymore advice would be great! Thanks!

Much love!!


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Joannah, congratulations on your wedding!

First off relax. You're entering a new world of love and passion with your husband.

Sex is a wonderful thing, and you need to relax.

As far as your period, many of us make love to our husbands while we are on it. I understand you want the first time perfect we all did.

Your husband can come inside you no matter what cycle day it is. Your menstrual blood will not hurt him. As far as effects on his sperm, I believe it won't hurt them either. Some women conceive on their period.

Maybe you could spend the first two nights with Ben just cuddling, playing and enjoying each other until you both feel right.

Most men love moaning, but don't fake it. That's going to start the sexual part of your marriage off on the wrong foot.

But yes tell him what feels good.

Let him guide you about going down on him. And when you are ready ask him to go down on you. Oral sex is reciprocal.

There are some great articles in the sex ed forum.

When you are ready there are some nice toys you can use to help you achieve orgasm too. Most women do not have an orgasm from intercourse alone so don't feet there is anything wrong with you if you don't come right away.

Your body and mind are learning a new thing with sex.

Above all sex is and should be fun. If you both relax and let it happen it will.

I wish you a lifetime of love and pleasure with your new husband. Congratulations again!

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Like Aiden said, peroid blood wont hurt him or you, but its usually best to put down a towel so the sheets stay clean. May I also add that if you are or are not on your peroid, you still have a chance at getting pregnant if you dont use any fourm of protection (condom or birth control for example)

Dont go down on him unless you both feel completely comfortable with it. There are some great oral sex articles on here that give great advise on the topic.

Every guy is different as far as 'what turns a guy on' Most men like it if you express how you really feel in bed by moaning, or lightly pulling their hair, etc. Do what feels natural to you, and definatly dont fake it. If anything is ever painful diring sex (the first few times can be a little hard to get used to) remember to tell your lover to stop, or go slower. Communication in bed is ok! :)

Have fun, be safe, and congrats on your wedding! :D

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Let me ask, do you have an OBGYN? If so, you may be able to get an emergency visit in and be put on BC pills, if taken during the right time, it can stop your period. I am not sure if you are too far along, or what, but it is worth a try. My sister did this when she realized that she would be on her period during her honeymoon.

Also, you can have a romantic time in the hottub. Most periods get lighter in warm water (they do not stop, but get lighter) and this may be a possibility for you. Remember as your first time that there may be some discomfort or pain and you may bleed anyway. So having the perido blood may not be the worst thing. Oral sex may have to wait - it is up to your hubby - but he may not be too into that at this point.

Be genuine with your emotions. Moan, talk, say it feels good -whatever. Don't fake it, and be true to what feels good. Remember that clitoral stimulation is a great way to enhance your pleasure- don't be afraid to do it.

As for the blowjob thing - of course men love their women to go down on them! This is a skill, however, so don't figure on doing it perfect right out of the gate! Read up on the sex ed articles here, and perhaps ask him for some guidance.

Good luck and well wishes for your wedding, life together and honeymoon!

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I can't speak from the female POV,but I will say that anything you try to fake may come off as exactly that. Bring hubby into the forum and both of you should read all of the interesting topics and articles. Whether you choose to try them or not at least you will know something about what can be expected from them. I see this may not happen immediately but both of you should check this site out to the fullest extent! Slow everything down for your first time and find out what makes you both feel good. DO NOT RUSH ANYTHING. You didn't say anything about either of you and your feelings about pregnancy so that part is hard to guess about! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE UPCOMING NUPTIALS!!!! I hope the best of your past is equal to the worst of your futures TOGETHER!!!!!

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