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It Said Introduce Yourself So .. Hello


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Hello all,

I am Maidan - a vegatarien, animal activist and wicca. I am also a fairly conservative

girl from BC Canada, I am curently dating a man from another country. We are both students and broke so we are both living with our parents - which makes getting some nooky in very difficult!

I joined this site to see if I could gleen some new ideas for spicing things up. I am pretty inexperienced and he isnt, which is frusterating for me! but I think I am going to surprise him next time we get some alone time which should be in.... a few months ..GRR

well.. thats me in a teeny tiny nut shell

it was nice to meet you

:) - maidan

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Hey there! Welcome to the forum, and I can guarantee you, that after reading some of the sex ed/tips articles and reading some of the other posts, you'll definitely get some ideas that you can try out with your so. :)

so welcome!

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Welcome to the board. Living with parents can be tough for sexual expression, but at least financially you have that outlet. There is some great info on this forum about teasing and other things you can do to arouse outside of sex. Happy reading!

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