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Astroglide 2-in-1 Warming Massage Lotion/lube


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Rub-a-dub-dub, this one you’re gonna love! Astroglide has many great products, and this one is a great addition to their product line! I love having a variety of lubes on hand, to add a little spice to our "lube menu", and so I was thrilled to get this one to try out too!

Made with only 4 ingredients (propylene glycol, glycerin, purified water, and methylparaben), Astroglide keeps this new product relatively simple & still easy to use. This is a clear, water-based lube, so it’s safe to use with all sorts of toys too (silicone based products don’t absorb into the skin, so they don’t make good massaging products).

You get a full 7 oz with this bottle, as well as a flip-top cap, with a small hole, similar to what you get on a baby oil bottle. Very handy and easy to control the amount you get out of the bottle, it also comes with a safety seal at the top, for quality and sanitary purposes.

I got this stuff and told my hubby that he HAD to give me a massage (for quality control purposes only, of course). He obliged. He applied this product to my back and shoulders, and I did notice a warming feeling right off the bat. Perfect for those aching muscles! As he rubbed and kneaded my knots away, he said that this didn’t feel sticky, and kept its slickness rather well. :)

After the massage, we move to the bedroom, where we start doing a bit more intense rubbing. I was a little shocked when he started rubbing my labia, and I could immediately feel the warmth of the lotion STILL. He hadn’t reapplied for a while. That was NOT unpleasant either. :P

As a lubricant, it held up rather well too. After our first application, we didn’t have to reapply, which is always a plus. And the nice warm sensations were wonderful inside and out.

After we were all done, I was able to come back down from O Land, and realized that the lotion had absorbed into my skin, leaving it nice and soft, not sticky or tacky. Always great!

Yes, this one will get a lot of usage! Great for a treat, romantic night, or just as a staple, this 2-in1 is a must!

Rub me tender, Warm me up.....

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