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After finding that my hymen has already been broken, I went for it. I bought my first set of Ben Wa Balls. I wanted some that were on the string but they only sell them online :rolleyes: . So, I bought some that were slightly large that have no string. I tested them out but the only thing that happened was me dropping a ball (which was kinda painful because my opening is small). I did have trouble getting them out my first time (I thought it was gonna get stuck lol) but I tried again and it worked (tried it twice in one session). I put them in within my finger distance because I wanted to be able to reach them....should I have put them in further? I want this to work correctly since this is the toy I've been wanting.

I've already read the post on Ben Wa Balls but the only thing I got out of it was finding that they sell Ben Wa Balls that chime lol.


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