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This Is Only A Thought, I Don't Want To Ruffle Any Feathers.

Sailor Girl

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Hey everyone. I haven't posted, or bought in awhile, but I have been looking at all the cool new things. Now that my credit card's all set, I might just have too. Well I deserve a birthday and Christmas present right? Anyway here's my thought. There's a book called something like Ladies guide to bedroom Ediquette. This is something I would love to read but it's in that silly print you sighted people use. I wonder if any thought would be made to finding say the E text copy of it, and putting it online as well as a printed copy. Because if I bought this book and I might, I need to ship it to Texas, have a friend scan it for me, spell check it, and then send not only the book back, but also the copy in email or however we chose to do it. I don't want to play the inaccessible card, I just wanted to give a new thought about books others might want to read. And with that, I'm off to se what all of you have been up too. Makayla, if I didn't say and I might have, congratulations on your new son I think? Talk soon,

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Hello Sailorgirl. I don't think we've met yet. I am guessing that you are using XP with your TTS setup? I have heard of this book although I don't recall the exact title . Sorry if I had it I'd scan and send it for you. I have run across a few e-book sites but haven't yet checked to see if they offer this type of book. Perhaps One of the owners or moderators should be contacted about offering this. With all that the net has to offer this may be easy to accomodate.

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