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Do Power And Volume Have To Go Hand In Hand?


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I've tried many different sorts of toys (not kidding about the shoe thing in my sideline!) and found some real winners, but I still haven't managed to find that elusive beast - a quiet vibrator. My roommate and I have paper-thin walls and I really, really get tired of having to turn up the music or turn on my fan whenever she is home when I want to play.

Has anyone run across a nice, powerful toy that actually manages to whisper instead of scream?


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Just because a toy is powerful does NOT mean it has to be loud, but, usually, that IS the case. Toy company's focus on more BANG for your buck. If they tried real hard, the probably could make those gears and bullets quieter, but then the padding would make the toys a lot wider and bulkier.

I would suggest that, when you get a new toy, turn it on full power, put it under your blankets, and leave the room, shutting the door. Walk by it, see if you can hear it. If you can't hear it, then, chances are, your roommate can't either. Or if you can BARELY hear it, chances are she may not be as in tuned to that as you think. And if she is, so what? :P

If her bed is on the same wall as yours, try moving your bed to the opposite wall. That may help a bit more.

Even if you have the music/tv down low, it should be enough to mute the vibes sounds enough. Unless, of course, she has her ear to the wall!! LOL

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