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Are you feeling ‘hot?’ If not, have I got a solution for you! Marty Zion’s adult feature, “Club Inferno.” This full length feature has something to boil anybody’s blood! The sexy scenes will keep your eyes glued to the screen and the artistic vision from Marty Zion will cause pause. Simply, this is not just an adult feature but a virtual dance fest with lots of hot sex!

With girl/girl action, anal sex, threesomes and even girl/girl threesomes this movie clearly has something for everyone! One small warning – if you do not like dance music, this movie is NOT for you. All the scenes are masked in music with little or no dialogue. Therefore, if you like all the dirty talk, this film is also not for you. Marty Zion takes away all the external influences common in many adult films and simply provides the viewer with beautiful actresses, hot hunks and lots and lots of spectacular sex!

Come for the sex and stay for the artistic vision – this adult film is different than any you have seen previously. In a world of absolute fantasy the party never ends and the party goers are all sexual deviants! Come into Club Inferno and get yourself hot and bothered watching these hot sex scenes – let it inspire hot lovin’ in your life!


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"plot in porno" isn't that an oxymoron?

Well, the plot is dance and fuck...is that a plot? Umm, don't know. Basically it is a lot of dancing, stripping then fucking. That is about it really. The sex is hot though - really hot!

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Do a little dance, watch a lot of sex…get down tonight uh uh get down tonight! Club Inferno is in TRUE Marty Zion style!

Marty Zion is awesome, in my opinion! Most of his movies are about the same, theme wise: lots of music, scene flashes here and there amongst the main shots, and little to no dialogue.

Starring Jassie, Justine, Charlie Lane, Tanya James, Alexis Malone, Charisma Cole, Rhiannon Bray, Monica Sweetheart, and newcomer Monica Temptem.

The only real “theme” here is dance club base. Lots of techno-disco music is playing in all 5 scenes of this DVD. The scenes are Rave, Gogo, House, After Hours, & VIP. In true Marty Zion, scenes start out with heart pumping music & flashes of sexy woman of varying body types, though I have noticed he prefers skinnier, flatter women. Though it’s obvious that the ladies aren’t professional dancers, the lingerie is hot in each scene, and you get a variety of different sexual activities: solo, FF, FMF, MF, 3-somes, anal, toy use….pretty much covers all sorts of oral pleasuring as well.

The cinematography is great, along with detailed close ups. I love this DVD. Perfect for those that just want to watch a lot of great sex, no worries for a plot, or the distraction of words, the pumpin’ DVD will get more than your foot tappin’!

Grab your dancing.......

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