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Oh boy was I excited to try out a toy that came from such a reputable source such as Sue Johanson. For any who don't know, Johanson is a well know sex educator most well known for her show Talk Sex. And the Royal Rabbit was a very interesting toy to say the least.

Its quite unique looking, with a long slender body and somewhat bulbous head. I'd say it's more like a slender dildo that vibrates.There's nobbies on the outer perimeter of the head and the shaft is ridged, similar to that of a ribbed condom. Its pliable making it quite resilient, but quite soft to the touch. Very soft to the touch! This also makes it nice and slippery when lube is applied and it's waterproof. Its a silicone based TPR material, so no silicone lubes or you can damage your toy. Double plus!

The head shape was not as comfortable as I usually like for easy insertion. I tend to prefer a more tapered vibrator that I can shove in to me at my hearts desire for variations of thrusting action. Not the most powerful of vibes but it does carry a steady vibration throughout it. I was considerably disappointed with the rabbit ears however. They really were quite weak in comparison to many vibrators that I like. I like my clit stim's to be a bit on the stronger side. I think the material didn't allow a strong vibration to channel out to the ears, leaving me wanting a bit more. Though the main vibe does have 7 variations of vibrations that are marvelous. Most notable is escalate and pulsate; paused climbing vibrations, wow!

If you love dildo's but want something that vibrates too, this is a fabulous match! Anyone looking for perhaps a cross between a beginner dildo and still wanting a little extra vibration this toy would be perfect for your collection.

Hop here for a Royal Rabbit

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