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A Little Anal?


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OK, so tonight I get to see my girlfriend for the first time in almost a week. I want to go down on her and throw in something new. Specifically teasing and playing with her anus while I eat her pussy. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about good ways to start this portion to sort of test the waters. I thought to simply wet a digit and slowly rub the surface, then gauge her reaction after the initial shock wears off. If she seems to enjoy it them maybe focus my mouth there a little with some small amounts of penetration. I know that she used to enjoy anal sex with partners before me but does not have the desire to do so anymore. I think that if she enjoyed it in some ways before she may still enjoy some form just not the full blown act. Any suggestions?

Also, as I have never done this I wondered about cleanliness. Probably the best way to approach this is to maybe suggest I'm dirty from work and we should bathe each other. What should I do to avoid any unpleasant tastes or odors as far as washing her?

And as I understand it, it is very unsafe to put something in the anus or sphincter and then transfer it to the vagina. This can cause her to get an infection correct?

All comments, questions, and advice are welcome. I will post later this weekend with an update if any are interested.



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Welcome to the forum! It's great that you're wanting to explore this with her, since she has told you that she's done this before & enjoyed it. Many women brush off what they have liked with past lovers, to make the new lover feel more comfortable. To me, this is sad, since, if you enjoyed it, then you probably want to do it again, and why not teach your current lover how to please you?

You are totally correct!! You should never put anything in her vagina after it's been in her anus, ever. You can go from vagina to anus, but not the other way around. Bacterial infections can occur, and then everyone's fun stops for a while!

If she's enjoyed anal sex, I'm sure she knows how to clean herself well before engaging in it. Maybe join her in the shower, and sexily suggest that she get ready for some anal play, so she can clean herself appropriately. Ask to help her too. Some people like to do that in private, others love the help.

There is usually some sort of residue from anal play, and that's totally normal, no matter how clean you are. So, always have some wipes or a wet wash cloth handy for clean up. You can always use condoms for anal play too, that way, you can just slip that off with minimal interferance. Use LOTS of lube too. If you do use condoms, make sure that you use condom compatable lubes. Condoms can always be used with water-based lubes, but you really have to be careful with silicone based lubes and condoms. Silicone lubes break down latex and silicone based toys too, and that can be extremely messy and uncomfortable. I mentioned this, because many people prefer silicone based lubes when engaging in anal sex. It tends to be more slick, and lasts a bit longer than water-based lubes.

Read the anal sex section of this site in depth, have fun, and good luck! Also, be sure to ask her questions as to how she likes it, and so on. The best way to please her, is to listen and learn from her!

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Well it seems like that part of her life is gone for good. She simply has no desire to do any kind of anal anymore. Found this out in the shower, doing as all suggested and making sure to talk to her as things progressed. She said she was sorry and would make up for it if I was dissapointed at all. I got an amazing blowjob in the shower and came in between pair big beautiful soap covered breasts. Three hours later we decided it was time to rest up for what was left of the weekend. All in all not a bad little deal even if the result wasn't what was planned.

Thanks to all for the great advice on the subject.

BTW, I'm sure that this has been done before but just in case, using a Pocket Rocket or some other sort of mini vibe on the clitoral hood while performing cunnilingus produces "a whole different kind of orgasm." Or so I was told. :D


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It seems to me as though she obviously had some kind of negative experience in this department. However, it is great that you two are experimenting in other ways together. Keep doing this, and you will find many things that you like to do together that neither of you has done with anyone else in the past.

Godd Luck!!

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In my experience anytime I have asked a lady if I can lick her asshole, Even if she seemed a little hesitant at first, if she let me do it, they almost never wanted me to stop doing it, I have had it done to me by women and it just feels very good. Let her know in advance of your desires, and she will be prepared. There is usually little to no odor from a womens anus with proper hygeine which everyone should have before sex anyway, and the little bit of odor that you might get is actually kind of pleasant to me at least. Oral on the asshole over time is a great way to relax and introduce her to the next phase. She will probably ask to be penetrated by the penis sooner than later! As far as infections or bacteria, I usually do one or the other each time we engage in sex. This time ass, next time pussy. If she's good with it then Viola! Celebrate all of a womens private parts with her!




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