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Silicone Torpedo - Must Have!


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This rather unassuming vibrator turned out to be a very pleasant surprise! The appeal of the Silicone Torpedo is that it has seven functions, which are different speeds, intensities and pulses. The first three functions are the basic vibrations at different levels of power and speed and the last four are different combinations of pulses and speeds. The fourth function is a vibration that builds in intensity and then fades away, then builds back up, then fades away. The fifth is a steady pulse, the sixth is a faster pulse, the seventh is two short pulses then one long pulse.

This vibrator is so wonderful because of the infinite possibilities. I tended to like the first three functions while it was inside me. It also has some ridges and what not, although I couldn't really feel the difference. But the width and length is just right to handle on your own but still feel good. The other functions were more fun to play with on my clit. The building vibrations were like a tease, and we all know how nice that can be! And the first two pulsing functions felt almost like I was being lightly sucked, which is one of my favorites.

Experimenting with the different functions and all the different angles, pressures and motions I can do myself could keep me entertained for hours. Each combination was a completely different experience and felt like I was using a whole different vibrator! Honestly, I could be satisfied with just this for a long, long time.

Another thing to note is that this is extremely quiet!

I strongly, strongly suggest you check this toy out. I guarantee every woman would find something in it that satisfies her!


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Please remember to post a picture with your review as well. The review was great, but, it was kinda hard figuring out exactly what kind of toy this was, bullet, vibrator, some sort of stimulator. Great vibes are always a plus, as well as knowing how quiet/loud a specific item is too. Thanks for the info!

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Nice review. Did you actually have an orgasm, and if so, how long did it take you to get there? Did you use this solo, or with a lover? Do you recommend this for couples to use?


Thanks! I did have an orgasm, even up to six in one session! It takes between 5 and...15 minutes to get there depending on how aroused I was before I started. I use it mostly solo but I've tried twice with a partner. It's a little awkward with a partner, since I know what I like and what I don't so I tend to just want to take over myself. This is probably just my preference though, nothing against the toy itself.

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This smallish vibe has quite a lot to offer. From the waterproof silicone exterior, to the two small batteries that make the vibe quite powerful to the many settings. This one has it all. The purple silicone (so only use water based lubes!) has interesting ridges and swirls that almost remind me or a fish or a bird, but are contoured for pleasure. The silicone is soft and has a silky feel to is, very smooth. Only two AAA batteries to operate, but the power from this toy would make you think they’re larger batteries. One note of the battery compartment is the plastic battery holder. DO NOT remove this as it is designed to keep the toy quiet. The batteries are inserted into the plastic case then inserted back into the toy. And boy is this quiet. If you have close neighbors or roommates, the only noise you’ll have to worry about is the sounds you make.

Another nifty design feature is the push button on/off and setting selector. No more accidentally turning the dial when almost at that peak. Nope, just push the button and go - or play with the function button to select any of the seven settings of speed and pulse. There is also a light on the bottom next to the buttons that is steady or flashes depending on the function selected… so your partner can see what you’re feeling.

So enough with the features… how does this thing work? Fabulous, that’s all I can really say. It has a little more girth than I am used to, almost a full inch, but the fullness feeling is divine. And the silky feeling of the silicone with a quality water based lube is such a great feeling. If you’re new to toys and want to try something a little bigger, this is a great first step. If you’re more seasoned and like toys of all shapes and sizes, this one is an in-between size that will be sure to please. And the power this thing gives off at high speed will be sure to please those of us who love strong vibes. Definitely one for just about everyone!

Take a Spin with the Torpedo!

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