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Are you overscheduled? Do you have so many responsibilities that sex is practically the last thing on your list - somewhere after 'taking out the garbage' and 'cleaning the toilets?' Well, I have the perfect fun solution for you - the Sex Night Planner! This ingenius and flirty concept is definitely made for the busy lives people have today.

The idea is simple: let your lover know when you want sex and have them reply to your 'date' request! The cute little stickers are sort of a 'fill in the blank' concept.

The calendar reads: / Requested by: /I want to have sex on: /Time of day: /How long:

I hope we can do this: / But I will settle for this: / In preparation we could: /In exchange I will do:

Your response:

There are clever little response stickers to make the most interesting date concepts. FOr example, it could read:

Requested by: Female

I want to have sex on MONDAY

Time of Day: Late Night

How Long: Marathon

I hope we can do: [fill in position stickers]

but I will settle for [position sticker]

in preparation I will do: ORAL

in exchange, I will do: STRIP

Your Reponse: Good to Go

This calendar is magnetic, so providing you do not have older children, it can go up on the fridge! RSVP for sex - and let your lover know exactly what you want! Fun, Frisky, Fabulous - the sex planner is a must have!

Make a Date for SEX

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