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Oh great, ANOTHER cock ring! Aren't they ALL the SAME? NO, NO, NO!!! I do like to use the occassional cock ring - especially if I am wanting a 'marathon' night of sex! I have big one, small ones, textured ones, silicone ones, leather ones - and I have tried a few scary ones! THis one seemed.....different. The material reminds me of medical tubing - soft and supple. It has to adjustable rings that you can slide inward or outward to adjust the size and pressure. This is what makes it fantastic!

Most cock rings are just that - a ring. SInce this one adjusts to your individual cock ring needs, it would work for any man - BIG to small. Informing Mikayla that we would be having the 'marathon fuck' I showed her the new cock tourniquet (yes, I think it needs a new name, cause it really isn't a 'ring'). After some warm up oral, when I was still semi-flaccid, Mikayla slipped the turnicet over my cock and under my balls. The rubber-like material makes it easy to stretch and place, and the adjustable size makes it very comfortable to slide up and then tighten. I tightened my boys and shaft under the ring and was good to go!

We bagan our sex session - 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes...whoa, I was going strong! 17 minutes and I was feeling close and knew that I would have to take the ring off soon (25-30 minutes max for cock rings). I asked Mikayla to do this special thing she does - and finally I came. This ring really worked well - better than I had anticipated or expected. I would suggest that any man interested in experimenting wtih cock rings try this one first! It is easy to use, fully adjustable and stays PUT! Try the cock tourniquet - you won't regret it!

Get the cock Tourniquet

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Reminded you of medical tubing? Could it have been the nurse on the front of the box that helped with that reminder? ;)

When I read the beginning of your review with all the shapes and sizes you have, I was thinking of the story of the 3 Bears (this one's too BIG, this one's too SMALL, this one's juuuuuuuust right!).

All joking aside, I loved the review, and now I'm curious as to that "thing Mikayla does"....... :P

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To quote you from another post: "if only it were that easy!"


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