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My First Mini G-spot Vibe Splashy Blue


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My First Mini G-Spot Vibe Splashy Blue

I received my package during Christmas break, with two kids home from school. They are still too little to give me any privacy, so I had to wait until after school started up again to even open the box.

Finally, I had some time to myself. I opened the shipping box and found My First Mini G-Spot Vibe. "Cool", I thought. I have a really difficult time with G-spot orgasms because of a neurological issue that I've been dealing with, and I thought that this vibe might help.

As I looked over the package, I saw that the color was called "splashy blue". I turned it over and saw that it was waterproof! My favorite kind! That made me happy. So I took it out, installed two AAA batteries and headed off to take a shower.

The hard plastic blue vibe was very pretty, with a pink flip to it. It reminded me of a hot rod with a custom paint job. You know, the ones that are one color from one angle but as it turns in the light, it appears a different color. There was no odor to the vibe at all. I thought the wrist strap was cute.I also noticed that it warmed up quickly and stayed warm for a long time.

It was a great clitoral stimulator, and the strong vibrations really got my labia humming, but when I went for the G-spot, it didn't do the trick. I found it more annoying than anything else. I turned the vibration down and worked my g-spot for quite some time. It did stimulate it, but not to orgasm. I felt as though I could potentially have one with different stimulation, but this vibe wasn't it.

This toy isn't a write-off, but it is not my favorite either. I prefer softer jelly and silicone toys, but the vibration on this one was good. With the variety in intensity of the vibration, It is probably a good first toy for the price. I think a newbie could learn a lot about what she likes with this toy.

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