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Gspot Stimulator By Gk Exotics


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At first glance, the G-spot stimulator by GK Exotic seemed a bit disappointing. How do they expect me to get anything out of this little thing? Boy was I surely mistaken!

Being that I'm not much for Gspot toys, I decided to use this on my partner, who is a sucker for anything having to do with her Gspot! After inserting the single AA battery, a quick twist of the bottom half of this baby sprang into action...and the top half lit up! Not only does that give it cool points, but it also helps you find it in a pinch in between the sheets!

The vibe itself is super smooth to the touch, which makes for lots of fun without lube most of the time. The fact that this toy is also a vibrator helped get the party started...its subtle but attention getting vibration helped with stimulation both clitorally and anally. The fact that its wireless really helped with a lot of free play, unlike some vibrators out on the market and some bullets or eggs that also come with controls connected by an annoying wire!

Once inserted, the toy worked its magic instantaneously...almost as if it directed itself to my partners gspot...it didn't hurt that I already knew where her special place is. I can't imagine what type of difficulties someone who didn't know where their own or their partners gspot was and tried to use this toy...I'm sure this toy would help them get closer or even find it. But for me and my partner it worked wonders on the spot....literally speaking! Heavy panting turned into gasps for air, which turned into moans...which turned into increased heavy breathing coupled with louder moans, which wound up turning into screams of ecstasy...and loads and loads of liquid squirting out at me. Great for my partner...and even better for me...since the toy did the trick AND saved my fingers from feeling cramped and having to work overtime to get the same result!

When all was said and done, clean up was a snap, since the toy is waterproof...the only gripe I have? I wish this one had adjustable vibration control...but I guess there's plenty more out there with the option, should someone want it! Thanks to GK for this tiny pocket rocket!

link to product!:http://shop.tootimid.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=5055

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I have to say this was my first real waterproof vibrator.

It is purple my favorite color! It is a harder plastic with a soft feel to it. I was eager to try out my G spot stimulator. Battery insertion is a no brainer it has a tag in there to help you. (Thanks for the directions Mr. manufacturer it saves us lots of time!) It takes one double A battery you twist it open, pop the battery in, twist it closed and you are good to go.

It is on the small side and easy to use.

My one complaint is it is difficult for me to use solo.

So I had to summon the help of my husband, which he eagerly obliged.....the vibrations from it were nice although I would have liked more control over the speed.

It has an on and off which you control with a slight twist.

I think I would have enjoyed it much more had their been a low, medium, high vibration control.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to find their G spot for the first time.

This stimulator delivers on it's word of hitting the G spot.

Link to the item http://shop.tootimid.com/index.asp?PageAct...amp;ProdID=5055

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G-Spot Stimulator


Oh baby I just found my favorite vibe!! :D Not only did I get my first G-spot “O” using this little vibe, but the “O’s” I get when used on my clit ……let’s just say they are out of this world. The frequency and intensity are perfect – rapid and strong enough to get me going very, very quickly.

The vibe has a soft texture and battery insertion couldn’t be easier. The vibe is clearly marked – open – off – on. Just twist it open, drop in a AA battery and you are good to go.

I used it first on my clit and was surprised at how quickly I came. After having a couple of “O’s” I decided it was time to try and find my rather elusive G-spot. (I must admit that up till now I’ve had my doubts about whether or not G-spots actually existed). I was not all that impressed when I first slid the vibe into my vagina given its rather small diameter. Despite my initial impression I decided to be patient (after all Mikayla says it can take awhile to get a g-spot orgasm) and take my time. As I slowly moved the vibe up and down and then back and forth I began to feel the vibrations more and more. Little by little I felt myself becoming more excited. Finally I was able to narrow down the area where I was feeling the vibrations the most. As I got the urge to pee I thought to myself “Yeah I think I finally found it”. Within another minute or two the vibrations began to feel even more intense despite the fact that the vibe has only one speed. The feeling kept building and building until WHAM it hit like nothing ever before.

I’ve continued to use the vibe often as has my SO – he loves the fact that he can get me to cum in no time at all and he loves teasing me by playing with my G-spot – now that we both know where it is.

Another big plus – it is water proof so bath and shower time have become even more enjoyable and clean up is a snap. Needless to say for me this is a match made in heaven and I know my love affair with this sexy little vibe will continue for many years to come. :kiss:


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