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Me And My Contractor


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I've never done this before so some of you out there may have to let me know if I go too far or if I don't tell enough.

I have no one I can tell this story to so here goes.

Back in November one of the women I work with suggested a contractor to me to have some work done on my house. The first day he came out, our eyes locked and I swear the signals between us was more active than an air traffic control tower! I had never felt anything like this before. I thought about him non-stop and each time we talked on the phone the conversations became more and more personal.

I tried to keep the relationship professional but smiled everytime he called me. I knew something was up. We talked off and on for about a month. During that time, he worked at my house while I was at the office. The next time we met, it was two weeks before Christmas. It was a very nice Saturday. He was so hot. He wears the tightest jeans. He's over 6' and OMG, hot! I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He showed me some photos of the work he had done and saved on his cell phone. I had to hold his hand to see the pictures. He didn't pull away. I thought, ok this is going somewhere. Later, he laser leveled the living room and held my hand while showing me how the laser worked. Our eyes locked and as awkward as that could have been we both just let it linger.

Later, we were discussing the next job which is now getting to be bigger dollars than the last one. I touched him on the shoulder teasing, "Russell, I'm only budgeted for a thousand dollar job" after he told me the job was going to be well over that amount. Again, he didn't pull away.

Not long after that, we talked on a more personal level. I forgot what did it, but he put his arm around my waist. I didn't move. Then he asked me if he could kiss me. I signaled "yes". He gave me the nicest kiss I think I'd ever had. Moments later we were locked in an eye rolling, forget where you are, don't care if the neighbors see make out session that started in the living room, moved to the kitchen, back to the living room and then upstairs.

His body is rock hard. He's incredibly powerful and I let him take over. Contractor strong muscles like you woldn't believe. I live in the south and he's definately a "southern" boy with a real cocky attitude towards the man's role in one on one sex.

Neither one of us even stopped to say - we should wait, or anything like that. We covered the basicis - "condom or not"?, "are you on the pill"? and we were off to my bedroom.

Russell's so strong and forceful. He held my arms back and banged me like neither of us had had sex in years. I came 4 times that night. It was incredible how both of us like the same language in the bedroom - you know what gets you there. He was amazing.

Since then we get together as much as possible and each time it's more intense.

Thanks for letting me post this.

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Thanks. He, my contractor that is, is very nice. We're getting together again on Saturday. Hopefully, I will have another story to post. Hopefully more hot than the last one. Especially since I read the "how to give a blow job without gagging" article. If I have my way, we're going to try step #11 - I believe it is. Hang ten. More to cum!

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Thank you. This is all new to me. It's nice to have someone to talk to - and about sex. I've booted out my daughter and am living the "adult" life for the first time in 19 years. Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by the folks at the office. So again, just nice to be able to be an "adult". My contractor is coming ove again on Saturday. Hopefully, I will have another story to post. He was soooo hot on the phone today. Things are looking UP! Later,

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