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The I Love You Surprise Bag is a CUTE way to start up some foreplay with your lover!

This baggie comes with a lightly scented tea candle with which to set the mood, two message dice and six scratch tickets.

Roll the message dice together to get a combination of bedroom favors to give to your mate. One die has actions (tease, blow, kiss, lick, nibble, massage) and one die has body locations (ears, feet, neck, lips, hands, anywhere!) printed on them. Whatever combination you roll is sure to be a winner!!

My husband rolled first and got the combination “kiss” and “feet.” Hehe! My feet are INSANELY ticklish, so this was a great start to our having fun. I was laughing and wriggling while he was trying to fulfill his dicely duties!

I rolled second and was told to nibble his neck. He was so turned on by that, it took us a while to remember and get back to the scratch tickets!

We only scratched one of the tickets and we don’t want to ruin any surprises for you, but let’s just say there were LOTS of kisses shared after we read the ticket. I even found a few new sensual spots on my husband!

Sex is adult play -- it’s about having fun with your significant other. Laughing is TOTALLY a part of this! So go on -- grab the dice and roll -- you’ll be a winner every time!

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Sounds like the perfect gift for those that may be going to Vegas or Atlantic City on a honeymoon or romantic getaway! What a blast!

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