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Duet Touch Activation Ring


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Count this as another addition to our “favorites” drawer!! The Duet Touch Activation Ring is a cockring unlike either my husband or I had yet seen. We love trying new rings and have a small collection, but this one surpasses them all!

Let’s start with the make of the ring. It has three main parts: two vibrating heads and, of course, the ring which goes around the man’s penis.

One of the heads/bullets has super soft, flat jelly nubbies. They themselves feel soo good against the clit! This head also has two ways of running. It can simply be turned ON by its button on the side OR it can run via touch activation! This means, when you and your mate grind pelvises, it will vibrate against the woman’s clit upon contact.

The second head/bullet also has a super soft protrusion, similar in shape to a rounded pyramid, perfectly shaped for the “pucker” of the anus. Click the button on the side to turn it on and it’ll send fantastic vibrations against the woman’s backside.

IN the jelly ring are metallic conductors, so when the vibrations are turned on, they’re felt throughout the ring instead of just near the bullets. This means the vibrations are felt not only circling the man’s penis, but also against the woman’s vaginal lips during thrusts!

Batteries in BOTH heads can be changed when they run low and you can use the FOUR EXTRA batteries that come with this item! In order to change the batteries, the anus-vibe slides out of the jelly. The clit-vibe slides out, also, but first a “jelly cork” that keeps that end liquid-resistant has to be pulled out.

This is the “classiest looking” ring we’ve seen and it’s the best-felt one we now own. I’ll be hard-pressed going back to a regular cockring after having vibrations on my clit, my lips AND my anal opening all at the same time, WHILE my husband is in me!

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While I agree it's pricey, I have to say the quality shows its price. If you love rings and you have the ability to save up for a pricier one, this one definitely has my personal recommendation. Having the four sensations all at once (from penis, on clit, on anal opening, on vaginal lips)... it's just incredible!

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