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Good Head Oral Delight Gel Samples


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Good Head Oral Delight Gel Samples

My husband and I have always been very much into oral sex, and truly enjoy the way each other taste. Still, we sometimes like to throw a little something extra into the mix, such as favored lubes and tasty oral gels. And, with such a tempting name, we were anxious to sample Good Head Oral Delight Gel.

Good Head Samples comes in 5 flavors, so anyone is sure to find one to suit his or her own taste. We received Wild Cherry and Mystical Mint, each in 1 oz. bottles.

I sampled the cherry flavor on Hubby first. I found its consistency to be very thick – a bit lumpy if you get too much in your mouth. To remedy this, I applied a small amount and rubbed the gel well into the skin before licking or sucking it off. This helped the problem, and Hubby enjoyed the “good head” immensely!

Now, my turn! We switched positions, and Hubby decided to sample the mint flavor on me. He rubbed a pea-sized amount into my clit, and I immediately felt a menthol sensation. Hubby said he liked the taste, but I eventually started to feel that I was not so much into this flavor being on me. I am somewhat sensitive in that area to certain sensations from potions such as this, and this one soon began to burn more than cool. Hubby wiped as much off as he could for me and licked off the rest. And, of course, for the sake of experimentation, I had to sample this flavor on him, as well. Though I did not enjoy the sensation I got from this flavor, Hubby said it felt great on him! Next time, we will have to remember to only use the cherry on me!

Though I can't say that this turned out to be my favorite flavored oral gel, it probably still will get used when we run out of our prefered ones. The unfavorable qualities just seemed to outweigh the favorable ones a bit for us.

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Ouchies on the mint, that would not be fun for me either.

Cherry is one of my favorite flavors so I'll have to keep these in mind.

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Good Head Oral Delight Gel

Stars: 5/5

This stuff is SO FREAKING NUMMY! If you have a sweet tooth, this product could be dangerous.. or rather an expensive good time! I received 3 flavors with this order. Juicy Passion Fruit, Mystical Mint and Wild Cherry. All three flavors are very realistic and hard to stop "testing". -hehe- Before I tried it on my b/f, I tasted all three to see if I was going to like them. They were all great flavoring, although the Mint tasted a bit like toothpaste, so I passed it onto the b/f and told him he could try that one on me. -ha!-

-NOTE- When I refer to the Good Head Gel being applied to myself, (the female) I am being very careful as to where it goes. I do NOT recommend this stuff to be used within any close vicinity to the vaginal opening seeing as how it will cause infections. If you would like to experience this product and you are a female, I would suggest the vaginal lips, clit, or on the nipples for a great sensation.

Once applied, you'll notice a slight warming sensation, or cooling with the Mint. The gel isn't too -gel like-, rather than a thin layer of something yummy. I applied a couple thin layers to my b/f as he did to me. We licked it off each other and kept going back for more! I really didn't notice any stick residue, but if it makes you feel better a slight wash off in the sink or with a damp cloth would take any residual gel off the area. Anyone who wants to give their tongue an extra workout should try out this product, it's worth it!

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