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B) So here is my problem,I have only had MAYBE 2 ORGASMS in my life,however I have been a good faker.I do enjoy sex alot.But I am starting to give my boyfriend of 3 years a complex,he is almost obssessing about it.He knows when I fake it.It has reached a point that Sex is more pressured than ever.He is dyeing to buy toys.What do you recommend?
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My girlfriend also has lots of trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse. My first bit of advice would be to STOP faking. This is only complicating the problem by not letting him know what is actually pleasing you and what isn't. If he knows that you faked even once, then he may begin to question himself, feel inadequate, maybe not even want to have sex.

Since my girlfriend has never had a vaginal orgasm, only clitoral, intercourse just does not satisfy her completely. After I finish and catch my breath, I will help her finish by kissing, touching, massaging, whispering in her ear, etc. while she manipulates her clitoris with a vibrator. While I am not directly responsible for the orgasm, I still feel like I am at least a part of it, which really does help that fragile male ego. :) If you also have trouble with clitoral orgasms then this post might not be very helpful. If that is the case then I would recommend playing with yourself more. Learn what you like and what does it for you. Of course you may have already done this before also, I don't know.

The only thing here that I can't say enough is don't fake. In my opinion it is the worst thing you can do because you are basically lying to your lover during what should be the most honest moments of your relationship.

Be sure to pay attention to any advice the Moderators/Gurus on the site may give as they may not agree with everything I say here, and their knowledge of many things far surpasses mine. Just lay back, enjoy the ride, try new things, and with any luck, the orgasms will come soon.

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Faking orgasms is like your mechanic faking automotive repair. Both are useless. If you are not having them why bother acting like you did. Apparently you have been figured out by your lover so that gig is up anyway. The best that I could say is to figure out how to pleasure yourself then your lover will be able to join in the fun too!

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