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The Lap Dancer


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When we pulled this little number out of the box we were both very expectant of it’s performance. We were happy to see the plastic packaging was easy to open, not those sealed containers that require an act of congress to remove. The harness was soft and supple; the non-vibrating dildo had a nice smooth texture and an intriguing curve. We talked through the afternoon about possible uses for this toy.

When the time came to play, we gave the 5.5 inch pliable purple shaft a quick bath and inserted it back into its adjustable Velcro holder. Hubby attached the harness to his leg just above the knee and after some foreplay, the laundry goddess climbed on for a test run. The phallus, at a slim 1.25 inches, was not all that filling, but the curve was definitely noticeable and gave a nice sensation when pressed into the g-spot.

Next we tried the lap dancer as photographed on the package, with hubby sitting up and LG standing. This was not all that exciting for either of us, so we returned to a reclined position. This was the favored place as LG was able to lie flat against his stomach and chest while still grinding against the lap dancer for added stimulation. The ability to excite the hubby with oral while being filled myself was immensely pleasurable for all participants.

Another position we tried with one woman straddling hubby’s hips and another straddling the toy on his leg. This lent for some very nice affection between the ladies while hubby was enjoying his own show from below. We played with the lap dancer for a while, and although it never brought either of the ladies to an orgasm, it has its merit for g spot stimulation and versatility. We could definitely suggest this toy for beginners, for woman on woman action, double penetration, or for anal play.

Temptress and Laundry Goddess

EDIT: I tried to add a photo.... but kept getting an error message.

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There ya go. If it happens again, please let one of us know, and we can give you instructions on how to put pictures in your posts. It sounds as if you may have put the picture link in the wrong area. ;)

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