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With my new iVibe Suction Cup Rabbit, it was lust at first sight. I love the idea of being able to anchor my toys before play, and the stationary position of this vibe really allowed me to enjoy this little bunny in ways I had never been able to just by myself. All I had to do was move myself in order to hit all the good spots! Although the suction cup is relatively strong, this rabbit definitely has a mind of its own. It decides to stick around when it wants to and forget about your own agenda!

When I first opened it, I couldn’t conceal my excitement as I attached it to my footboard and covered it with my TooTimid Pleasure Gel. I managed to get a few good moments with it before it came loose. The suction actually acts closer to an air-hockey puck than superglue. The best surfaces in my room are the footboard of my bed and the frame of my closet. Both these areas, although smooth and clean, were not quite wide enough to keep the iVibe completely stable. Each leaves about half- to a quarter of an inch on both sides, and the iVibe can easily slide to the edge and break the seal. Even when this happens, though, the base is wide enough to keep it from sliding anywhere else until you can re-attach it. It definitely did the trick for me, but I had to keep re-attaching it every minute or so, depending on how active I was getting!

Feeling up for round two, I looked around again and decided to try the broader surface of my dresser. Unfortunately, every time I tried to use it from an elevated position the angle would be wrong and I’d knock it right off, again, onto the floor. Because it can be so hard to get a good connection, learn from my mistake – even if you’ve just vacuumed, still keep a towel on the floor that it can fall onto! The jelly surface picks up everything, and washing your toy after it falls on the carpet (again) is a bit of a mood-breaker.

All in all, this lovely little bunny boasts a sliding scale of vibration that moves from mild to medium high, although it seems a lot happier in the higher end of the scale. On low it seems a little too much like “The Little Engine That Could”, chugging along one moment as a time. All that chugging wasn’t quiet, either. The noise level… well, it’s not bashful. This rabbit likes to express itself with a loud whir and the beads make a crackling sound somewhat akin to popcorn. When the house was quiet I could hear it through a closed door, but not with ambient noise. Even with the sliding issues I still adore the versatility of this vibe, and I look forward to experimenting with different surfaces in the future!


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Question: what KIND of surface were you putting the rabbit on? Glass, fiberglass, wood, plastic, particle board? Most of these toys are really designed with tub play in mind, FYI.

So, you would say that this is a medium high vibe, and not an overly strong vibe? I see a cord there, is that to plug into the remote? Where and how many batteries does it take? How big is it? And, what are your vibe preferences? Did this toy meet that and help you achieve the Bunny O?

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The box says "place it on virtually any smooth surface" so I tried it on finished wood, painted wood and whatever plasticy stuff they covered my dresser with. Those are pretty much the surfaces available to me. I have a clawfoot tub, so tub play would be pretty difficult, especially when I have to keep it dry. The packaging says nothing about water play and it is also a corded toy with a remote, so I have to assume this little bunny is allergic to bathtime. I know, surprising for a suction cup vibe, but there it is nonetheless.

This vibe's remote takes 4AA batteries, so it does have a lot of power and it did send me on a very nice, long "Bunny O"... once I could get it to stay put. I've tried vibes in the past that were so strong they felt ticklish or numbing, so by saying "medium high" I was trying to convey that this was somewhere above "Is this thing on?" and below "Holy crap! It's an earthquake!" There didn't seem to be any sort of a set scale for reviews.

As for the size, it is about 1.5" across and there is about 5.25" insertable with a total height of 8" when affixed to a surface. I usually like my dual-action vibes to be a bit longer and thicker (like the "Wild G" I just wore out), but the size of this one worked well for me. The rest of this fit pretty well into my vibe preferences, with beads, a simple clit stimulator (those big ones never hit the right spot!) and a rotating shaft.

I hope this answers your questions.


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I'm sorry that the suction cup didn't "suck" as much as it should. :P The box sounds like it gives too broad a spectrum. Any wood surface is really too pourous to create a successful suction. And, that "plastic coating" stuff on some furniture has some slight slight slight texture to it, so, unless it's an absolute smooth surface, like, as mentioned, fiberglass, mirrors, porcelain, things like THAT, the a suction cup usually won't work. I bet, though, with the suction cup base could be used with some sort of harness or something like the inflatable love lounger.

With reviews, please be specific as to what you're trying to convey. Since we don't know how you like your vibes, or what you're preferences are. People just can't guess what you've had for toys in the past, so it's best to be as specific as possible.

I guess it's safe to say that if the packaging doesn't say if it's waterproof it probably isn't. I have noticed that a lot of dual actions (aka "rabbits") are kinda loud. That was a GREAT description of how you tested that out!!

Thanks for the answers.

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