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Rose Quartz Glass Gem


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I really love glass toys, but I wasn't certain about this one. The ridges and curves of it made me wonder if they would add pleasure or just be a distraction from the smooth, cool feel of glass that I've come to love.

When I took it out of its packaging, I was pleasantly surprised by the heavy, solid feel of it in my hand. It is a pretty pink color, the shape has a feminine appeal and isn't too phallic. This isn't a toy men would feel threatened by because it is so totally different from the real thing.

I used some of Too Timid's pleasure gel and a clitoral vibe to get myself warmed up and slowly worked it in, waiting for the cool glass to warm up to my body temperature. Glass retains an amazing amount of heat and the weight of it feels so sexy. The ridged swirls and curves definitely enhanced the experience. The size is perfect, maybe 6 inches and it is satisfying without being overwhelming.

The Rose Quartz Glass Gem is a pleasure to own. I really can't imagine any woman not liking this toy, it is pretty and it gets the job done! I also think it is very reasonably priced, glass products used to be pricey!



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Pretty AND Pink!! I love glass!

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I'd heard a lot about glass dildos, and knew a lot of people who loved them, but I'd never tried one before the Rose Quartz showed up in my mailbox. I must say that, as my first glass dildo, it has managed to live up to the hype. First of all, it's an absolutely beautiful toy, and comes in its own velvet bag. It looks exactly like it does in the picture and the texture is subtly different on each end. What you don't expect until you pick it up is how heavy it is. The Rose Quartz is a weighty implement. It looks so pretty and light, but it's a solid piece of glass and as a sex toy it is a force to be reckoned (or at least orgasmed) with. The sensation of the dildo when I inserted it wasn't really like any other toy I've ever had. It's a nice size, but it's rock hard, with no give, and heavy, and so you feel it very differently than you would a jelly dildo of similar girth. In particular, it feels bigger and more intense than toys of a less solid consistency. Which, in my mind, is kind of awesome. I also love how easy it is to clean and how you can get different sensations by cooling it or warming it before using it – its mass holds temperature well, which gives you a bunch of options for different types of play.

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