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This is “borrowed” from another site. I love knowing all these little things about the folks I chat with myself and I doubt I’m the only one. All you have do is give us a list of little known, unusual, or "interesting" facts about yourself.

Come on—its fun to let all your neuroses hang out! I’ll even go first.

• I am polyamorous. We have lived as a cross coupled quad under the same roof for the last two years along with nine children.

• Most people hate public speaking, but I totally thrive on it. I’m at my best in front of a crowd.

• I can get totally consumed by and addicted to the oddest things – games, websites, exercise, types of food. It keeps me too scared to even try more addictive substances.

• I prefer to take calculated risks over safe harbors especially in business or occupation. I haven’t had a boss since 1992 and that job only lasted three months. It unfortunately can lead to more of a feast or famine lifestyle.

• After years of not showing any interest in musical skills, I started taking piano last year to surprise my wife with a “heartfelt” rendition of Billy Joel’s “She’s got a Way”. Don’t ask me how all of the kids kept my practicing a secret.

• I am a water baby. I hate that I’ve never lived on the ocean. It calls to me.

• I may be the most conservative (religion, politics, etc) poly you’ll ever meet.

• Goddess and I have had ten additional kids through our homes over the years as foster parents.

• I enjoy participating in triathlons but just wished I had the body to actually be competitive at it.

• I want to hike the Appalachian Trail from end to end and am actually going to hike the first two states with my oldest son this summer.

• I never have enjoyed watching sports. I seldom know what season it even is.

• I am a math wiz. I lettered in math team in high school, I was the president of the club, and my college degree is in finance.

• I’m about as handy as a brick. Fix is my exact opposite.

• Goddess and I both were baptized as early teens. Normal in some churches, but not for Methodist where all of our friends were baptized as infants. Neither of our families were regular attendees so we had to find our faith on our own (independent of each other in those days).

• I love summer because it’s NOT cold and dark most of the time.

• I’m not opposed to alcohol. Goddess has just been underage, nursing, or pregnant most of my adult life and I never got a chance to develop much of a taste for it.

• I’m way straight, but find I’m not in a position to be judgmental of others now that I’m poly. (The transgendered she-male with the strap-on with two women at the Bunny Ranch on HBO the other night still has me dazed and confused though).

• I was conceived in Hawaii but have lived all my life in Georgia (within 20 miles of here since I was three; I’m 39 now)

• I intend to live abroad extensively in future years.

• I grow a beard for most winters but shave my head to a stubble during the summer months. Temptress hates when I wear it short so it stayed longer last summer.

• My folks divorced when I was 17 and got back together when I was 20. I was the best man for the second wedding.

• My wife, the Laundry Goddess named me after a character in one of her favorite shows, Sex in the City. I hope that my ongoing pursuits in real estate eventually make me worthy of the moniker.

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OK, this sounds fun, but much of this might already be known:

*I am a 'chicken' vegetarian - meaning, I eat NO red meat, but I eat a bit of chicken

*I love to run (or I did before I was injured) and when I did I had an almost euphoric high from it

*Fall is my favorite season - nothing like pretty leaves and brisk walks through the woods with my kids

*I NEVER wanted children - ever - until I did, and now they are the soul of my heart

*I write children's books AND erotica (oxymoronic at its best)

*I am a published author (3 times)

*I have a serious corset addiction - LOVE them - I would spend a week's worth of grocery money on a hand-made, custom fitted corset

*I REALLY was a professional DOM for a short time - and ironically, I prefer to be a sub

*I love to read - anything - currently I am reading two books, "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm"

*I love online games - but never get to play them - Word Bees or Zuma are my favorites

* I am a bit of a neologist

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* I am a bit of a neologist

ne·olo·gist (n) - A bullshiting wordsmith that is so convincing, that they can take a crowd with them down a path as it is being created.

This is why "Polyamory" made the dictionary last year.

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OK, guess I'll dare:

*I'm slightly (but ever growing) OCD. Some things that I KNOW shouldn't bug me, do. I've been trying really hard to not get too bad about it though.

*I too can get addicted to odd things, so that has also made me stay away from "addictive" chemicals. I don't think I'd stand a chance

*I don't think that this will be a shock, but I am a smartass. My hubby thinks I am the Professor of Sarcasm, and thinks I need a diploma tattooed on my ass (Smart Ass U). :lol: But, sarcasm is an art. Being rude isn't, and yes, there's a difference.

*I have an overly active imagination. When I read something, I can picture it in my mind.

*SOmetimes, the wierdest things strike me funny, and I just can't help myself

*I'm trying to become a professional photographer.

*I cry at sappy movies

*When I was younger, I won a contest in an adult mag, and had my pic published. Won $200. LOL

*I'm also trying to become a writer.

* I love the heat, but I like dry heat, not humidity

* was a big fan of Knight Rider in the 80's. :P

*when I am good at something, I don't hide it. I don't brag, but I don't hide it, or act all "oh, no, I'm not" about it. I own it.

*I'm fatter than I wanna be, but am taking steps to correct that.

*I have no set fashion style. I love dressing nicely, sometimes dressing dark, sometimes dressing more "skater", and other times, "jock"-ish.

*of course, you can't tell here, but I am tall for a girl LOL and I LOVE it.

*My father was adopted.

*I'm a great friend, true, honest, and caring. I defend my friends above myself.

*I use to drive a station wagon. When hubby first got it, I was PISSED!!! But, it WAS purple (yes, from the factory), and I grew to love it. I was sad to sell it.

*I love to read, learn, and apply what I read. But I also value the benefits of Life Experiences as well.

*I am "horse stupid", but am getting better. In fact, the other day, hubby got sooo frustrated with his horse, he called ME to go and give her her meds. since I was able to get her so easily. I felt good about that. LOL

*No matter what you say, I love my little "cuck" (car-truck). LOL I drive the newer version of a Subaru Brat, now called a Baja. It may look odd, but I get great gas mileage, has a truck bed, and very safe to put my daughter in.

*I too am a chicken and fish vegetarian. No red meat or pork, but I do eat chicken and fish.

*I'm a bitch, and I'm proud. (this is a good thing, BTW)

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ne·olo·gist (n) - A bullshiting wordsmith that is so convincing, that they can take a crowd with them down a path as it is being created.

Yeah, we can go with that definition! :)

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I meant it more in this definition: "the introduction or use of new words or new senses of existing words."

The reason is, when I wrote my English Thesis, I introduced new 'words' for what this author was doing, since the Thesis was published, and the new 'words and definitions' were accepted as relevant, I am a neologist! Plus, it is fun to call yourself something people have to look up! :lol:

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I' ll give it a shot:

*I can't snap my fingers.

*I love to work in the yard, work with plants, and study horticulture.

*I been to Paris and London, and I stayed for a month in San Francisco. Other than that I haven't left the Southeastern U.S.

*I took figure skating (ice skating) lessons for four years.

*I went roller skating every single weekend from 4th grade to 8th grade.

*I was my high school's yearbook editor for 2 years.

*I once spent 3 days in jail - not too proud of that one! :unsure:

*I hate being cold - summer all year would suit me!

*I am terrified of ventriloquist dolls.

*I used to be a vegetarian, but now I just don't eat beef - I haven't had a hamburger since I was 10.

*In my 27 years, I have had 11 different addresses.

*I bought my first real sex toy at my mother-in-law's house! :lol: (one of those toy parties, 2 yrs. ago)

*I took art classes for years when I was younger - I wish I could get back into it.

*My husband and I got married at the courthouse - we couldn't afford a wedding and got tired of waiting. I got my engagement ring 6 months later!

*I'm a sugar addict.

*I love vampires and vampire stories - big Anne Rice fan!

*I'm a definite germ-a-phobe.

*I have been to Space Camp.

*My first cat lived to be 21 yrs. old.

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Okay, okay my turn...I'll try lol :

*I sleep in the weirdest positions, sometimes with my feet in the air, other times in like a weird split thing.

*I cannot sit still for longer than 30 mins, I begin to fidgit.

*I am petrified of hermit crabs.

*When I was younger, my brothers told me the ants would come get me and eat me up. I still have nightmares about that.

*I am ambi-dexterous.

*I have really big feet for someone who's only 5'3. (size 9)

*I like to run around my house cleaning in my underwear in the morning when no one's home while jamming to music.

*I have never tried any type of drugs or smoked.

*I only drink margaritas and mixed drinks, even though I'm only 18.

*I am petrified of driving, and always fear I'm going to hit something.

*I sometimes sleep with a night light.

*Blood makes me dizzy

*however, my own blood doesn't.

*I am allergic to chocolate.

*yes, I said chocolate.

*I never eat candy.

*I have never colored/highlighted/dyed my hair.

*I love heights, and thrive on roller coasters.

*I have the biggest girl crush on Catherine Zeta Jones and Helena Bonham Carter.

*When I was younger, I had about 25 accidents due to my own mischief and curiousity.

*I had mono three times, and my immune system is a mess.

*I love to write, and dapple in all sorts of styles.

*I hope to be a journalist one day.

*I swear I grew up in the wrong era everyday.

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Okay...here we go.

I love working in retail. No really, I love retail.

My fist car was a Ford Tempo and I bought it for $300 bucks.

I'm 33 years old and I still fight imaginary ninjas because no matter how old you are, the world still needs to be protected ;)

I miss the way the Allagash Waterway used to be.

I was born in Mass and lived there for a few weeks before moving to Maine where my family is from and this makes me considered as "From Away."

The nickname I am most fond of was given to my by my wife.

That nickname is "Dolt".

I have a very dry sense of humor.

I have lived in an apartment that had access to the basement and the breakers. When the upstairs neighbors started blasting their stereo too loud, I have cut their power.

I have been the co-owner of a discount beverage and redemption center.

I have never smoked or done any type of drugs.

When I get a little tipsy I like to say the word Fuzzy, emphasizing the space between each syllable.

Johnny Dangerously is one of my all time favorite movies.

I proposed many many times to my wife before she said yes.

I was asleep when my wife accepted my proposal at midnight on New Year's.


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Okay...here we go.

I love working in retail. No really, I love retail.

My fist car was a Ford Tempo and I bought it for $300 bucks.

I'm 33 years old and I still fight imaginary ninjas because no matter how old you are, the world still needs to be protected ;)

I miss the way the Allagash Waterway used to be.

I was born in Mass and lived there for a few weeks before moving to Maine where my family is from and this makes me considered as "From Away."

The nickname I am most fond of was given to my by my wife.

That nickname is "Dolt".

I have a very dry sense of humor.

I have lived in an apartment that had access to the basement and the breakers. When the upstairs neighbors started blasting their stereo too loud, I have cut their power.

I have been the co-owner of a discount beverage and redemption center.

I have never smoked or done any type of drugs.

When I get a little tipsy I like to say the word Fuzzy, emphasizing the space between each syllable.

Johnny Dangerously is one of my all time favorite movies.

I proposed many many times to my wife before she said yes.

I was asleep when my wife accepted my proposal at midnight on New Year's.


"I'm 33 years old and I still fight imaginary ninjas because no matter how old you are, the world still needs to be protected"

mwahahha I so agreeeee :) you are my hero Thurs.

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* I'm the only person who has ever represented my school in a spelling bee. 5th grade. My 3rd grade teacher used to take me to the other classes and challenge any of them to try to best me. * Won $50 (runner-up?) in an essay contest my Jr. year of HS. The winner was a classmate. We were put on the cover and co-edited our Senior Yearbook. Also had 2 OIPA awards from OU for stories I wrote for the school newspaper that year. * Also a water-baby. Even at my age I can do more off the high-dive than anyone in this town at least. California import but never surfed. * Afraid of heights so I volunteered for Airborne, and worked derricks on a drilling rig. Fell out once and landed on my feet without a scratch. * Wrestled a bear once. Lost that one. * Voracious reader. Dean Koontz recently but I have 5 bookcases full and many boxes I've read that mama stuck under the bed. If I don't know how to do something I'll get a book and learn it. * They don't make shit that I can't do, only things I haven't tried yet. I've always been disgusted by people who give up without ever even trying. * I'll pull over and change a flat tire or help repair a vehicle if I see that an older couple, or woman. I'll pick up stranded motorists and at times hitchhikers. * Almost every former boss I have ever had will still hire me back. I've been hired twice solely to work another person into quitting. Accomplished it both times in one night! * My humor runs the gamut from smart-assed to sick, twisted and perverted. Depends on the company around me. * NOONE messes with my friends, family, pets or acquaintances without repurcussion. I'm not about to let someone get bullied or let someone tell a lie about them. And I'll help them in any way possible as long as they are making the effort themselves. * I have 2 El Camino's, 3 Chevy pu's (69, 74 & 84), & 3 cars. At one time I had 3 houses other than the one I live in. I sold one and two are now under contract. And all are paid for. I HATE DEBT!!!! *EDITING AS THE BRAINFARTS ARRIVE* My first car was a 76 Impala* I co-coached a YMCA flag football team to an undefeated season* My gf and I adopted an older couple while we were working at the truck stop together. I caught onto their circumstances one day when they were coming home from church and the lady had a handful of change. She told me that she loved the chicken strips and her husband had gather the change for her to get 1 strip. IDK abotu you folks but that made me feel like shit. I bought her a 6 piece that night and every time she came in thereafter. Her husband had a Hershey bar and Coke thing so he was added to the bill. We did this twice a week while we worked there and passed the tradition to the asst. mngrs. that we worked with. I had a talk with one the day after I was fired and told him to continue this and bill it to me and I would keep the tab paid. It has been about 5 years and they still get their food and drinks but now it is free for them! *

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Ok, I'll go. This gives me something to do until I allow myself to get all twisted up again! (today's been a rough day)

I hate crowds and being hearded like cattle.

I will only attend concerts or sporting events if I have VIP, first few rows or back stage treatment. (BRAT!)

I'm a neat freak. I'm the only musician you'll meet who cleans her house!

I'm a strong right Republican which is rare in the entertainment business.

I've held a 'straight' job in the insurance industry for 26 years now.

I have one daughter - grown and out of the house. THANK GOD!

I suppressed my sexuality for the past 14 years and will never deny myself anything ever again. Do you think I could qualify to be reinstated as a virgin?

I'm horrible to watch TV with. I'm a rapid flicker, don't like sap, sugary sweet, commercials and predictability.

I have to control my sense of humor in the office. Too graphic.

I have no tolerance for anyone who neglects or abuses animals.

I love to garden and work around my house. My wallet on the other hand is not so thrilled!

My nicknames in the office are "killer" and "old eagle eye". Don't take those wrong, I'm just quick and observant. I'm a lover.

I have an insatiable sex appetite right now. (those raging 40 something hormones!)

I hate the heat. I prefer winter, fall and spring.

I don't like to wear much to bed but when it gets down the teens, I cave and put on anything cotton.

Hey, Thurisas, I used to go to/play at a country and western bar years ago called THE FUZZY DUCK! Say that several times when you're tipsy next time!

I struggle with sleep problems.

I don't like spiders and betrayers.

I'm not afraid of death and taxes but this next election DOES have me nervous!

I can't stand it when my checking account gets below a certain level. Those old days on tour buses come back to haunt!

I don't really like new movies and TV. I much prefer B&W, old sit coms. They relax me.

I've never been into chicks but the only porn flicks that get me hot are those with women with large ta ta's! Odd, I know.

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I'll play!

- I'm bisexual but have never been with another woman. Not for lack of trying. I'm apparently really bad with the ladies. :lol:

- I have mild OCD. Sometimes I check the dryer or oven twice for cats before I turn them on, even though I know they're not in there.

- The OCD makes me sad that I don't know how many orgasms I've had in my lifetime. I like to count things.

- I'm pretty shy and bad at meeting new people. As soon as someone else starts a conversation though, we're good.

- I have some kind of strange obsession with penises and wish I had one. I often confuse people by describing them in completely non-sexual terms, such as "neat".

- I have two cats that are sisters, and were both trapped as ferals when they were kittens. They were a year old when I met them, and were so wild and fearful at the shelter that everyone thought they would go unadopted for years, especially now being adult cats. This is exactly what I was looking for.

- I stay up all night (like, until 5AM) pretty much every opportunity I have, then wake up the following afternoon. Sometimes during the winter months I won't wake up until the sun is already setting, and when that happens I'm kinda upset because it's just like one neverending night.

- I own 2 mantis shrimp, which are marine invertebrates. The biggest of which is capable of breaking my finger if he chose to.

- I'm of the opinion that the sexiest person alive is Nick Cave. He has a frighteningly beautiful mind.

- In the summer I like to go field herping. I collected a couple of the scorpions and tarantulas I own myself.

- I collect nude photos of people I know. It doesn't matter if I find them attractive or not, I still want a nude photo. I have no idea why. This is not a sexual thing for me. I'm pretty proud of my collection, and trying to convince people to send me new pics is one of my favorite things.

- I work in an aquarium fish shop.

- I watch gay porn almost exclusively, particularly twink flicks.

- I have migraines a lot, and medication for those migraines.

- I'm really bad at determining where social boundaries are. I often choose topics of conversation that make others really uncomfortable, especially if they don't know me well. This would be a problem if I cared what other people think of me, but luckily, for the most part, I don't. They were going to find out I'm crazy sooner or later anyway, right?

- I like to collect dead things. Animal skins, skulls, preserved specimens... I display these around my apartment.

- There's a mannequin in my living room.

- Sexuality fascinates me the same way biology and psychology do, I just think it's cool. I research all aspects of it obsessively, and want to know everything about it. This approach is pretty cerebral, and a lot of people are apparently surprised to learn that despite how open I am about it and how much knowledge I have, my sex life up to this point hasn't been really exceptional in any way.

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This is fun....

I was born on 7/10 at 7:10 am

I don't like even numbers....I have to always have an odd number of rings (5) and bracelets (5 or 7) on, I feel like it's bad luck I don't...I rarely take them off.

I have Simian lines on both of my hands.

Like some of you I'm slightly OCD...I find myself counting things all the time, I never go up or down a flight of stairs without counting them & I wash my hands ALOT...my clothes have to be hung all facing the same way, money (paper bills) has to be in order of denomination and all facing the same way, rightside up....stuff like that :rolleyes:

I don't eat messy food that I have to touch (ribs, chicken wings, etc.) ...I can't stand anything like that on my hands.....but put a big hard cock slathered in astroglide in my hands, I have no problem with THAT kinda mess :lol:

I am very over-emotional...I think every little thing to death...this drives the people around me nuts!! I'm also a big crybaby and VERY sappy & sentimental at times.

I love reading about astrology & stuff like that.

My first car was a 1974 Pontiac Grandville convertible...I loved that car and I still have dreams that I go into the garage & it's there....it was totalled in a car accident a looooong time ago.

I have a bit of a belt addiction....belts and funky belt buckles

I have had every color hair under the sun...including a brief week with pale pink (an unfortunate accident)

I collect antique perfumers...mostly Deco and Victorian

I am 42 years old and didn't know what great sex was until recently (2 years) ...my current boyfriend is the only man I have ever been able to be completely open with.

I am dying to learn how to drive a motorcycle (maybe this year) ...I would love to have my own someday, I know exactly what it'll look like.

I am a HUGE procrastinator and I'm ALWAYS late....2 things about myself I HATE and feel powerless to change.

I'm a righty but there are a few things I can ONLY do with my left hand (like drive)

I haven't been on a plane in 35 years and have never been on a real vacation

I truly believe that love conquers all....I even have it tattooed on my ribcage

I LOVE pin-up art

I LOVE the beach...the smell, the sound, the sand....but I'm scared to swim in the ocean, it gives me the creeps

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Okay my turn, hopefully Goddess will chime in soon.

I have 5 brothers, all of which are "halves".

Some may know and some may not.. I have 2 husbands and a wife

I am co-mommy to 10 children.

I knew my "legal" husband 25 days before I married him

I have lived in 15 states and 2 countries ( most during my childhood) without the benefit of being a military "brat"

I can lay claim to 12 step fathers, 1 biological father and 1 adopted.

I only have one mother and a step.

Labor and delivery with my first child was 3 1/2 hours start to finish.... our last was a bit over 76 hours

All of my babies were born natural and unmedicated

I am an avid reader

When not plagued by writers block I write as well.

Before they ended the program some years ago, I was a ghost writer for Harlequin.

Upon first meeting I come off as shy, quiet, and unassuming. Get to know me and you'll find out I can be a real bitch

especially where my family is concerned.

I used to homeschool my kids

I still hold tight to the dream of being a mid-wife some day.

I'm barely five feet tall and Iam definitly fluffy

I hope to build a "cob" house someday

I consider myself to be a witch

I love plants of all kinds they however do not like me and generally die

Animals rank right up there with my kids... I adore them and would have MANY if there were not allergies that affected Big and some of the children.

I love polymer clay art and thanks to a Christmas gift from my loves I hope to learn to paint.

My first and most favorite car was a metallic blue 1972 Chevy Camero

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Wow, you're absolutely right. I found out lotsa new things about you all!

Um Hollywood - Spacecamp! That might just be the coolest thing EVER.

Thurisas - Imaginary ninja's ha. Nope, I'm just stealth. Oh and Johnny Dangerously, freakin hilarious.

Tyger - a cuck. Awesome, but I've told you its a modern day mullet.

Ok. Here's me in a nutshell.

I too am a neologist, in both terms ;) My SO hates playing scrabble with me.

I aspire to be an artist in as many mediums as I can get my hands on. I love photography (if you couldn't tell). I started off in landscape and portrait and have been dabbling in photojournalism for the last 3 years. It's much harder than it looks to capture motion!

I wish I had an art studio so I could take up oil painting again. Its the second most theraputic thing I've learned to do. All in do time.

I love gardening. I used to work as an apprentice for a Mediteranian Landscape Designer. Gardening is the first most theraputic thing I've learned to do.

I am taking up learning how to ride a motorcycle and am attempting to learn how to be my own mechanic. Slowly but surely.

I have finally come to a point in my life where I'm ok with just have ONE job. All of my friends were convinced I was Jamaican for a while. I used to on average have THREE jobs at a time. I worked in as many jobs as I could because I was interested in alot of different things. I now have an extensive resume, an excellent work ethic and long list of odd work skills.

I have a couple degrees. One in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Digital photography. One in Video Production and Special effects. I rock at green screen work. I chose to not move to LA and there fore, don't work in video anymore. I do work "successfully" in the art field. Which is a hard thing for many artists to say.

I love Tequila. Good tequila. Anyone who says they don't like to Tequila I'm convinced has only drank Cuervo, which is NOT Tequila. Oh, and yes I am a party animal and have danced on top of table tops ;)

I love to meet new people. I have no problem saying hello to perfect strangers and starting up conversations. I am a queen at small talk. I thrive on new connections.

I am undoubtedly a California girl. No I don't look like Barbie and say dude all the time. There's a lot of different kinds of Californians.

I grew up in San Francisco and miss it all the time. However, I love San Diego. I love 360 days of sunshine and yes, my mood does alter when its cloudy those other five days.

I'm afraid of the ocean. I don't like swimming in the open sea. I swim in the bay and play on the shore. But frankly, sharks scare me. As silly as it seems, even dark bottom pools creep me out a bit. Shark week is a horror show for me, not an educational episode.

I am related to Robert E. Lee. And thats the extent of my fame.

My dad looks like Santa Claus and little kids come up to him all the time and try and sit on his lap.

I hate horror films. I have a very VIVID imagination. After watching the Ring, I couldn't open a closet door for weeks. This also goes hand in hand with medical shows. yuck. double yuck. Give me a comedy show or a shoot em up bang bang flick.

I can't whistle or hoola hoop ;(

I am a world traveler. I have been all over the US; from small towns in the midwest to big cities on the coasts. I have been to quite a bit of Europe, many parts of Mexico, all over Canada, the Middle East and several parts of Africa. I aspire to see more. I love to travel. I think it changes your whole outlook on life. Next on my list is Asia and Australia. Japan will be first though.

I crack myself up all the time and have a quirky sense of humor. Laughter is important and brings people together.

I think thats enough for the moment..........

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WOW this is a cool post! Definately good to get to know people since I'm new!

Lets see... I met my husband when I was 13 and he became my "boyfriend" at 14 and we were married a couple weeks after my 18th birthday.

I have never done any form or drug or tasted alcohol.

I have a bone disease that makes me very brittle and I break bones very easily and for dumb silly reasons, the older I get the worse it gets. (My Mom actually thought my husband was abusive until my diagnosis was revealed)

I have a very busy work life and don't have many friends outside of the internet because internet socializing is so much more convinient, and I can work on internet relationships from my cell phone or work.

I am very flirtatious and many people I do meet notice and like me for that, their wives on the other hand.... DO NOT

I have never seen a porno

I am a clean freak and my house is spotless to the -T- even in the closets and such. I can't handle clutter, when I get home from work, things must be neat and in place so that I can relax

I have never been able to share. I have anxiety attacks whenever someone touches my makeup or hair products or jewlery, just my things, always have. For this reason my husband and I have seperate bathrooms and bedrooms, there is only a bed in mine and he sleeps in my room, but he has his own room for his things like clothes, his chair, his 'things'. I can't explain, he has his own bathroom for his stuff so he isn't into mine and I don't have to worry about him or my daughter touching my stuff. It's so confusing and people think I'm so wierd. I seriously have anxiety attacks when people touch my things. For this reason my bathroom and bedroom are locked at all times and no one goes in there unless I'm there and watching. I have lightened up some with my husband. But I still freak and he respects that.

I write poetry, I have never had them published because I have a terrible fear of someone taking my poetry and using as their own. I am very talented though and only share with people that are extremelly close to me.

I am terrified of the dark, I can't breath in the dark. I have never been alone at night, I seriously think I would die.

I am currently trying to get pregnant.

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ok I guess I'll have a go:

I met my husband over a yahoo chatroom, when I called him his ring back tone was Wish you were here by: Pink Floyd. We are both HUGE Pink Floyd fans! We talked all night after chatting on the net and met in person. He's 33 and I'm 20 and we hit it off! We've been together every since, we have a beautiful son and we've been married for 8 months (yeah we got it a little backwards haha).

I was homeschooled thru my Middle and High school years, and I wouldn't change it for a thing.

I decided not to get my drivers license till I was 18

I don't really have any close friends besides my husband and mother (which is sad). But I've never been able to trust or grow close to a female, b/c most of them are caddy, immature, and backstabbers.

I have done drugs before, and occasionally smoke pot, never around my child and I would never put my child at risk with it or because of it.

My left leg is 3/4 of an inch shorter then my right b/c of a trampoline accident when I was 11.

I have to admit my husband and I love to play video games together, we can sometimes spend hours playing.

I spend two nights away from my husband to help pay bills

I won a toastmasters contest when I was 15 (its a public speaking class) it was my FAVE!

I played softball for 4 years and the team I played on was the All star team each year

It took me getting older and married for my dad and I to finally have a strong relationship

My husband was still legally married when I got pregnant (the married only lasted 6 months and then she went crazy and pulled a knife on him)

And secretly I wish my MIL would fall off the face of the planet, and if something bad happened to her I hate to admit I wouldn't feel bad. ( I know I'm awful, but if you ONLY knew her)

I secretly want another baby when I see a pregnant woman or see a new born. (my husband wants one but I want to wait for a little bit)

The first night my husband and I spent alone together after our son was born I got drunk and fell off to sleep.

alright I can't think of anything else worth telling haha...

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Heh I wish I were interesting. xDDD

*I'm allergic to Jalapenos, Shellfish (especially king crab), Liquid Latex, and most medications (Most notably the Z-pack, Penicillin, and metaprolol which I'm still taking despite the reaction since I don't have much choice yet x.x).

*I'm majoring in Theatre, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry - I intend to go into med school and specialize in Hematology/Oncology.

*I type upwards of 150wpm; which seems normal to me but when people see me typing they tend to react in a distinctly astonished manner.

*I too am mildly OCD - I can't stand odd numbers, my money has to be organized from largest the smallest (heading outward) facing up (a compulsion that was really annoying when I worked food service which meant constant money-time), my clothes must be hung very specifically (jeans with jeans, then long-sleeved shirts, then short-sleeved shirts, then jackets, then misc, all facing with the zipper to the right), and if I'm on the computer and I click I have to click the mouse with varying degrees of power off of the link/icon as it loads.

*I have never weighed over 100 pounds.

*I am terrified of penises. Penii? Whatever. Yes. I am mortified of them. I'm very much into guys...although I appreciate female beauty... but the thought of being within the victinity of a penis be it hand, face, between the legs...terrifies me. I don't know why. I mean there's nothing truly frightening about them...right? o.o;; Even toys that are accurant representations unnerve me.

That's all I can recall right now. -wanders away-

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Let me see

- I am a momma bear. Do not get between me and my cubs.

- I really like skiing.

- I can't whistle.

- If my life depended on it I could probably still do the Scottish sword dance.

- I used to lifeguard in high school

- When I was 21 I hitch hiked through New Zealand

- I bake Bread

- I have traveled in 15 different countries.

- I would walk a mile for good dim sum

- I'm allergic to eggs. Now you know how to kill me.

- My favourite contemporary author is John Irving.

- I want to lose a million pounds. OK maybe 15.

- I loved the Harry Potter books. Don't judge me.

- I don't step on bugs.

- I'm afraid of heights.

- I'm an optimist.

- My New Year's resolution was to always wear matching bra and panties. So far, so good.

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I forgot to add that I can whistle thru my teeth, and the useless talent I have with that, is that I can talk like the Beaver on Lady and the Tramp, or like the gopher on Winnie The Pooh (just ask Val!!).

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Here's a little about me

I can not...under any circumstance...sit completely still (something is always moving)

I hate being drunk...think it's a control thing

I hate backstabbers/bitches (this is guys and girls)

I used to be really nice and sweet, I don't know what happened

I love to read romance books

I love dogs, but don't deal well with puppies that are mine

I LOVE chocolate....almost better than sex (I said ALMOST...LOL)

I don't deal well with boredom

I love looking at houses for sell and test drive cars (even though I can't buy for a loooong time)

I don't handle money well

I'm extremely loyal to my friends and family

My mom is my very best friend

Can't think of much more right now...

I really like this one

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Ok let's see..

I can hang a spoon off my nose ^_^

I have a dog, two cats and fish

I love sour patch kids candy

love horror movies, the more gore the better

I have a vampire fetish

My bedroom looks like something out of an Anne Rice novel

I met Stephen King in person (nice man)

I went to school with Marcia Cross (really nice person) we were friends through High School

I love Coca Cola, hate Pepsi

Coffee addict

I hate wearing shoes I'm always barefoot

I have green eyes and light auburn hair

I'm 5'2 so I need a step stool

I laugh pretty easily

I love Blue Collar Comedy

I love salt and vinegar chips

I love meat, give me a steak and I'm happy

I'm terrified of spiders :huh:

I can yodel

I don't know how to drive a standard

I never flew in an airplane

I love to dance

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- I am a professional make up artist

- I don't plan on having kids (Though hubby and I had a whoops recently)

- my husband requires trojan magnums

- I have Attention Deficit Disorder and can't climax if I don't take my meds

- My hubby and I wear the same dress size (4)

- I am very liberal

- I'm a rock n' roll chick but I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.

- I like girls, but not as much as I like boys that look like girls

- I'm a writer (published) and my sex drive and my creative drive are intertwined.

- In my house the tool kit is pink, and the broom is blue.

- If I ever had a daughter I would name her Oona Lunette

- My married last name is Catastrophe-Darling, since my husband took his stage name when we married (Lillie Catastrphe, now Lillie Catastrophe-Darling)

- My favorite place in the world is probably the Trash Bar In Williamsburg

- I've worked as a nanny, a facialist, and as a PR executive.

- I'm the oldest of three kids.

- I'm 5'7, 6'0 in my favorite heels

- I love boy on boy action

- I love long hair on men

- I have something of a hair kink

- I think men with pierced navels are sexy

- I never go out without sunscreen

- I'm planning to get a tattoo of an anchor on my right upper arm

- I dropped out of highschool because their weren't enough art courses

- I love corsets (wearing, seeing others wearing *sigh*)

- I've been a pro-domme in the past

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