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I LOVE bullets, so I was excited to get this little bullet to try out. Pretty in pink, I notice that the two 1.5 volt batteries needed for this vibe, come included. We know how much that is always appreciated!! I take it out of it’s cute box, unwrap the batteries, get them installed easily, screw on the cap, and was startled to find out that just screwing the cap back on turns it ON. You have to take the cap off if you want the toy to go off. And it only has one speed, which is like a medium high. OK, figured out. The vibes really aren't that loud either.

The vibes were OK, but not as strong as I like (but I do like STRONG vibes). The main part of the bullet is that “soft” feeling plastic. That, to me, is just an amazing invention, which I also love. I also like the fact that this item has a nylon wrist strap on it, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. This toy is waterproof too, so another added bonus. It's about 2.5" long total, and, at the widest point, about 1".

I really liked the fact that this item had a cone-type shape to it, allowing for a more direct stimulation. As I mentioned, I was disappointed in the strength of the vibes on this item, and since you have to remove the cap and/or batteries to shut it off, if you put this toy in a purse or bag, it should be in it’s own little case of some sort. So the convenience of this toy is not that great either.

Unfortunately, you win some, and you loose some. This one was a loss for me.

Will this one be discreet enough for you?

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Is it me, or does this look like a 'weeble wobble?' Oh my, I might have just aged myself!!

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OMG!! Yes, it DOES!! And I just aged myself, cuz I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!!! Or how about those Higgly Town Heros? LMG!! LMAO Now I fell all "dirty". Just kidding!! LMAO :P

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